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Poker Tells/Behavior, hosted by: Zachary Elwood Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker.

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Strategy for telegraphing fold/weakness to lower bet amount or induce bluffs

When you've decided you're calling a final bet but think it's likely you're beaten, you might display agitated/defensive tells that make it more likely you're weak/folding (e.g., shuffling cards, looking at cards agitatedly) when it's an opponent's turn. This might 1) cause value-bettors to decrease the amount of the bet, or 2) induce bluffs or larger-sized bluffs.

Some notes about optimally using this:

•*You wouldn't use it if your opponent knew you were a good/decent player. You're trying to imitate defensive behavior that a fairly inexperienced player would do when holding a weak hand.
•*You'd be using this versus a fairly decent player who'd be likely to recognize common signs of weakness.
•*You would have to call the bet. You wouldn't want to make bluffs more likely and then not call.

Anyone see any logic problems with this? Thanks for any input.
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Re: Strategy for telegraphing fold/weakness to lower bet amount or induce bluffs

I employ this occasionally as a way to throw my opponent in a heads-up or 3-way pot but you better be able to sell it. When you do this, it usually elicits a "default" action that you already picked up earlier in the session.

ie: Player over buys with a large stack and has been aggressive with it will usually default to attack weakness. Passives will duck it as a semi-bluff, take the lower value and try to "trap" or something of that nature in later action.
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Re: Strategy for telegraphing fold/weakness to lower bet amount or induce bluffs

In general if acting this way will offer a better opportunity to win a pot (by creating more opponent bluffs) then that is better for long term results. The counterpoint is that an opponent may now also bet thinner when they may have chosen to just get to Showdown 'for free' and thus cost you chips that would otherwise not have been put at risk.

I'm also not so sure I wouldn't use it against a reg just to throw a bit of a twist into our 'relationship' although I tend to agree that it would work better against a Player viewed as decent who may not have us pegged yet.

One of the methods I would consider using for this would be to cease my chip shuffling and 'loudly' place those chips back into my stack when a River card came out or immediately after I check my action. GL
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