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Poker Tells/Behavior, hosted by: Zachary Elwood Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker.

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Looking at dealer when announcing bet

I got the following email from Cristian Pielich, a reader of my book Reading Poker Tells. I asked him for permission to post this and he said sure, but just to excuse his language skills because English is his second language.

My name is Cristian, a recreational player from the Netherlands. I just finished reading your book 'Reading Poker Tells' which I bought via

It was great to read and I'm sure I will benefit from it. Thank you for writing
this interesting book. In time I will also buy your second book.

I may have something to add about the topic of looking at the dealer. When I started playing low stake cash games I noticed that I sometimes used this action as well. I mean verbalizing my betsize directly to the dealer. I started wondering why I did so.

Well, in some occasions I had a pretty strong holding but I didn't want any drawing hands to beat me. So, as you said in your book, I liked to let anybody know that I was serious. But in some cases I was strong enough to get called, but I wanted to use the dealer to direct my energy. I don't like to look at my opponents, even with a strong holding, so verbalizing my bet directly to the dealer and after that looking at the board just made me feel more comfortable. I don't know if there are more players who do this because of the same reason, but it may be worth to consider or to examine.

Unfortunatelly this behaviour made others fold too many hands in spots where I should've been called. Noticing this, I adjusted my play. I don't verbalize my bets anymore in spots where I want to be called. Instead of this I sometimes use a verbalized bet as a semi-bluff or in some occasion where I would like to take the pot right away and I think there's a fair chance of pulling it off.

Of course, I don't overact. I verbalize my bet in a very calm way as if I have everything under control. It worked several times. Maybe it's interesting to add this to the chapter Deception and manipulation.
Anyone have any experience getting reads with this type of behavior that they'd like to share?
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Re: Looking at dealer when announcing bet

Two things here for me ...

1) A player verbalizing their bet is usually a sign of strength. A weaker player wont want to speak and possibly give off a 'squeak' or two in their voice inflection.

2) I would initially take a player looking at the dealer when they bet as a sign of strength as well. This player wants to make sure 'they get it right' and all the chips get into the pot. Weak players tend to avoid eye contact or look away quickly when looked at.

You also need to distinguish between 'a look' and 'a stare' as well IMO. Players who stare (or glare) at you tend to be attempting to send a message. When they bet and stare they usually want a fold. When they stare at you while action is on you they usually want to keep you from betting. There are exceptions of course depending on previous history.

The first time I was in Vegas at Aria a reg was tilted that I beat him in three straight showdowns and was glaring at me with both a PF raise and a Flop bet a few hands later. Even though I had Flopped an Ace I decided to say "fold" and he promptly (and proudly) showed his AK off to the table. Of course I re-tilted him by showing my Ace when I mucked. GL
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Re: Looking at dealer when announcing bet

Verbalizing a bet when the bet is clearly visible is usually uncertainty/weakness. For example, they throw three greens and say,"$75." Yes, we can see it's $75, thanks. Now I'm going to make it $175.
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Re: Looking at dealer when announcing bet

There was a YT video with Phil Laak recently where he had an Ac8c, and his opponent had an 8s6s, and the opponent/amateur did what I call, "going to Hollywood", he announced his raise to the dealer in order to grab the lime light. Usually what I call "Hollywood" is a very strong hand, but not in this instance. It appeared to be a tell, but it seems very player dependent, and takes more observation than most tells.

Yes, here it is from your thread:

Looked at it again. He announces a pot-size bet, though it's a NL game. It seemed unusual/significant.

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Re: Looking at dealer when announcing bet

Personally I always verbalize my bets and look at the dealer just so it's clear what I am doing, no other reason than that.
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