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Poker Tells/Behavior, hosted by: Zachary Elwood Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker.

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King Panda
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Hilariously Accurate Tell In A 1/2 Game

So I was playing a 1/2 game last night, and this old man came with his son. He was in a wheelchair, and the son was pushing him. I think they were speaking Arabic, but the old man could hardly see the cards, as the son had to tell him what was going on most of the time.

I noticed that he would call almost any bet that was EXACTLY $19 or less. Throughout the session, I would test this and it was almost on point. I tried betting 20 on the flop, he would fold. After a couple times, I would bet 20 on the Turn, and he would fold. This held true for the entire session. To the point where I would bet 19 on the flop, 19 on the turn, and 20 on the river with total air, and I was getting tons of value out of it. I made almost 350 from him alone.

Have any of you guys experienced anything like this before? Is there a point where you think some people just start to feel uncomfortable to call? These are pretty low stakes, so I understand if the lines are not very optimal, but have any of you ever experienced something like this and made a huge profit?
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Re: Hilariously Accurate Tell In A 1/2 Game

I've seen plenty of people who's betting patterns are an easy read over the times but not one as accurate as the OP's lol.

I find very drunk people tend to have pretty obvious tells in their betting pattern due the drink making them think a bit one dimensionaly.

There was a guy who was absolutely steaming at Dusk Til Dawn in the UK a couple of months ago. Blind drunk but actually pretty funny guy. It became apparent very quickly he was overbetting massively on draws. If he had something he stuck to calls or reasonable raises. Turns out he was 100% consistent, usually shoving on a draw. Every time he shoved the first person to act that had a pair or even Ax was calling him. The best thing was he'd bust, go to the desk and reload for another £200. He must have done this 8+ times. Absolutely spewing money.

The entire club emptied out except for our table which went on for hours. He'd hit his draw once in awhile obviously but we'd made so much out of him they were perfectly acceptable loses.

Floor tried to kick him out at least twice for being loud and swearing but we were begging to let him stay so they did Eventually they did remove him to protect him from the money he was spewing. Terrific night.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Hilariously Accurate Tell In A 1/2 Game

Was expecting the "sweating AA" tell half-way through the first paragraph.
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King Panda
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Re: Hilariously Accurate Tell In A 1/2 Game

I am not too familiar with that one, but I will look into it.

This was dead on accurate though. Neat, and very profitable. There was a point when he got dealt pocket Kings, and he did check call the whole way down. It was with the guy to my right though. He was pretty upset.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Hilariously Accurate Tell In A 1/2 Game

Yes, pretty interesting spot here. I've pretty much always touted the 'tank of gas' betting line at low limits. Figure out what bet size really matters to them and exploit it when you need to. Pot odds aren't a strong suit most of the time. There could be $400 in the pot but you can bet $110 and get a fold but $99 will get called every time. GL
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