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Poker Tells/Behavior, hosted by: Zachary Elwood Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker.

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Best video editing program?

I'm sure a lot of people here watch videos trying to spot tells or understand certain behaviors and go over them again and again in various ways.

As an IT illiterate, I would like to know what program is the best to use for various functions such as slow motion, fast forwarding, going back bit by bit or always going back to the same spot(s) ... And also other basic things such as cutting and pasting in order to make and store interesting videos.

Perhaps the question is silly, since every editing program out there probably does this, but surely there are differences. What's a beginner to use? What do yo use? I'd like to watch in various ways, edit and store videos that have to do with human behavior, basically.

Any information is welcome and thanks in advance.
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King Spew
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Re: Best video editing program?

Vegas Pro or Pinnacle are the two I have. There is a stiff learning curve with multi-featured editing programs. Once you get familiar with one you will likely never move to a different program.

Something to consider is your computer makes a HUGE difference when it comes to rendering. Some chips are better than others.
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