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Almost snap called a check/raise on the turn

I think I made good use of a "snap call" tell in a recent game I played.

I bet an open-ended straight draw on the flop, the turn brought another flush draw on the board. I decided to go for a check/raise as a semi-bluff.

My opponent bet 60, I check-raised to 210 and I got called in a matter of 2-3 seconds! After a complete blank on the river I felt like I had a clear decision to make - I had to fire another barrel as my opponent's snap call on turn made me quite certain his range is capped to flushdraws and maybe something like top pair or weak two-pair. Anyway, it had to be something strong enough to have a no-brainer call but not strong enough to make him think about maximizing value, wouldn't a set at least think about 3-betting the turn?

Also it's important to mention we were playing very deep so he had great implied odds against my possible set or other strong made hand.
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Re: Almost snap called a check/raise on the turn

This is an interesting scenario that arises from time to time. Thanks for sharing?

What did V have?
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Re: Almost snap called a check/raise on the turn

Yeah, snap calls should make one more likely to bluff. Pretty reliable and well-known tell of a medium-strength hand (or at least, for bigger bets/raises, a non-nutted hand). As you say, the strongest hands will consider the situation more.

The one caveat (obviously) is that they can still call you, even if you know they're weak, so you (as always) have to take into account their general tendencies.

One other interesting thing I've written about on my blog before: for big bets on draw-y boards, a snap call can actually make a big draw more possible than a made hand. For example, in your scenario, if he had a single pair or even two-pair/set, he'd likely think about it for a bit; most players will be thinking about either folding or shoving. But if he has a pair with a decent draw, then many (mostly more passive) players will snap call that, as it's more obviously a hand (to them) that they will never be folding, but also won't be raising.

To sum up: Snap calls indicating single pair/medium pair type hands is more a thing for smaller pre-flop raises, c-bets, turn bets. I tend to think that they can act actually (for the more passive players) tend to make draws (and draws plus pairs) more likely for bigger bets/raises.
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