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3 betting 4 betting and CB murdering the games possible?

any thoughts? Can you play in a like 300 or 500nl game , always 3 bettign and 4 betting your good hands, and playing them all like aces, betting flop turn pushing river when draws miss , or checking rivers when your suspect your up against a station, and rolling over the games? thouggts?

or if not turn adn rvier, just cb fllop?
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Re: 3 betting 4 betting and CB murdering the games possible?

Not so sure this is the right forum for this question .. and it may get moved .. somewhere. Your question is very general, yet multi-layered, and those types really don't get a lot of attention from posters.

One thing about poker is that you are forced to give out information, eventually, to your opponents when you get to a showdown. So they get to see your cards and then they tie that information to the frequency of your behavior to develop a pattern. Most of them know from experience that if your frequency of a certain behavior exceeds what they've normally come to expect from poker then they will conclude that you are offering fiction more often than fact ... and that's not too good for your bankroll.

There was a time when high frequency 3 and 4-betting was very prominent in tournament poker, but it was 'very' short lived and players these days are more apt to bet 2x the BB unless they are short-stacked.

Players are a lot more in tune with the probabilities of poker these days so it makes what you are suggesting less likely to work in the long term IMO. GL
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Re: 3 betting 4 betting and CB murdering the games possible?

A general rule of thumb is that any poker gambit or move that begins with the word 'always' is usually going to be easily figured out and exploited. Id I am reading your post correctly, the strategy you are advocating is typically called a lagtard (yes, I know, politically incorrect) and is a player that is beloved by experienced players, as they generate tons of action, loosen the table, and will invariably spew off their stacks by overly aggressive play against a trapping player.
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