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2017 WSOP $10K PLO: Talk of opponent behavior from winner

I watched the WSOP PLO hand below on, where you can sign up for $10/month membership and watch poker events, including WSOP events.

There was a pivotal hand in the $10K PLO event where Tommy Le, the eventual winner, laid down KKxx to a raise on a A-K-9 rainbow flop. While it seemed to be mostly a fundamental-strat decision based on his opponent's probably very-strong range, after the match he talked about some behaviors he saw in his opponent that may have tipped the scales for his decision.

Here's a transcript of what Tommy said about the hand:

Tommy: Limper limps on the button. I have Kings. I think they were double-suited. So I raise the pot. Scott had me covered a little bit. We were two of the biggest stacks. And I knew, when I raise pot, I saw Scott look at my stack, and I think he was trying to calculate if he could re-pot me back and get the majority of his chips in.

So he opted to call. I wasn’t really sure if had Aces, but I knew he had a big hand. Like, he didn’t hesitate and he called pretty quick. So I knew it was one of those hands where… the hand plays itself.

So he calls. Button folds. Flop comes A-K-9 rainbow. I make a standard bet. Like a third of the pot, think it was. And then he kind of like, when I bet, he didn’t really hesitate to raise. It took him a few seconds to make it 600, I think I bet 165, he made it 600, think it was. When he made it 600, I knew if he had AK he would probably call. 9s, same. Maybe raise. But I think he would have to think a little more than insta-raise.

So when he did an insta-raise I felt like he either had, maybe, K-Q, J-T. But even that, he might call. Or like an A-K, guess he could raise the A-K, but my first instinct is to call. I have second set, so I should call there like 99% of the time.

But then when I was tanking, I saw him breathe. I remember looking at him, my instinct was just to call, I was trying to figure out what I’d do on the turn if I call. I remember looking at him and he made this weird breathing gesture. He was breathing really hard. And we all know Scott’s a pro, right? This is not his first rodeo. For him to make that play, I felt like he was baiting me in. And the more I looked at him, the more he got nervous. So right there, I was like 99% sure he had Aces. So obviously I laid the hand down.

I wrote a blog post about it here:

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Re: 2017 WSOP $10K PLO: Talk of opponent behavior from winner

Pretty in depth response by Tommy. I am such a level one "thinker"
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Re: 2017 WSOP $10K PLO: Talk of opponent behavior from winner

beast, he must have had a rly good read like he said to make a fold like that.
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