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Wheydacheese MTT journey streamed [emoji846] Wheydacheese MTT journey streamed [emoji846]

07-10-2022 , 09:05 AM
Decided not gonna be putting the steam on until closer to 8:30pm. When I stream whole Sundays it seems too long and boring and too many tables so hopefully by the time stream goes on will be down to fewer tables and deep in a few bigger tournaments = better watching experience and easier for me to talk about specific spots.
Wheydacheese MTT journey streamed [emoji846] Quote
07-13-2022 , 11:16 AM
Finally in a long anticipated downswing about -$850 now over last two sessions but thatís at a higher than average buy in. No stream this week while I make adjustments and pull back on volume to assess potential leaks. [emoji17]
Wheydacheese MTT journey streamed [emoji846] Quote
07-25-2022 , 11:45 AM
Long af static/downtrend streak for two weeks before finally breaking out of it over the weekend. Iíve decided I have no streaming plans for foreseeable future but will continue working on mtts. It was fun and interesting but my takeaways are: 1)some people are much more entertaining streamers and 2)streaming negatively impacts your game even if only marginally so if winning is the main focus itís hard to justify.

Follow along I will still do updates on Twitter/IG on occasion @Wheydacheese thx!

Wheydacheese MTT journey streamed [emoji846] Quote