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Cashcid Linc MTT Stream Cashcid Linc MTT Stream

11-07-2021 , 03:31 PM

I am not streaming on a regular basis but once in a while I fire a stream. I am a long time MTT reg. Biggest scores being 109 Wcoop Main Event for 260k in 2018 and the 888 1k main event in 2017 for 270k. Latest recent big score being gg 500 millions 2nd place for 200k in 2020

I am germany based, due to regulations I am playing much less these days since they forced me to start another business. However I am still playing at least every sunday and 1-2 days during the week.
11-07-2021 , 03:51 PM
I am also looking for some technical help setting some things up with streamlabs. Like i have some issues when streaming sometimes its lagging, basically always at some point during the stream and I can not figure out what is causing it.

If you can help feel free to send me a pm or respond here. I figure it does not take long but id be happy to compensate in hourly rate form or whatever for your time. Few other things I have some questions about.
11-14-2021 , 06:00 PM
streaming some today. day 2 of acr million coming up, then semi deep in plo 52 omaholic bounty millions on gg, lunch highroller on acr
11-17-2021 , 06:46 PM
1/15 in 315bounty and 69/79 in fifty stack on gg, streaming
12-06-2021 , 02:54 PM
streaming day 2 of $55 5m on stars and day 2 of $1k $500k acr today
12-20-2021 , 04:13 PM
streaming day 2 of $630 $2Million ACR today