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Old 09-17-2021, 07:58 PM   #1
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1000$ giveaway BERIUZY HSMTT stream!

Hello everyone.

My name is Rayan and I was recently given the honor of being a moderator in the Twitch 2+2 section.
I have spoken with one of the 2+2 owners, Max, and we both believe that streaming is a vital part of the future of online poker!

I am a streamer myself since June 2021 and my goal is to try and bring more people into the game in a fun and entertaining way.
My unique way of streaming has been attracting a lot of new people! Including the WSOP 2020 US Champion Joseph Hebert!

I made a thread when I first started :

Since then , I have honestly accomplished a lot more than I expected.

Winnings while streaming so far:

120,000$ Chop with Patrick Leonard in Sunday GG 1050$ 120,000$ WIN!
-71,000$ win in 1050$ GG Thrill while super drunk! Check the youtube video! Part 1: Drunk WIN! Part 2: Drunk WIN! Final Part: Coming soon!
Outright win 2100$ on 888 for 40,000$ ROOSTER WIN!
5k HR win vs Adrian Matteos ( 16k)
2nd in 5k HR the week before. ( 10k)
Chopped 2100$ on 888 Poker ( 27k)
3rd in GG 1050$ Main (18k)

Many smaller FT/scores

My goal was to raise money 20,000$ for charity in 2021. However, in 3 months I managed to raise 27,283$ total for various charities.

My new goal now is to raise money to friends and the community.
I am trying to grow my channel and then utilize all revenue from streaming to go back into the community through giveaways!

I am starting off with a 1000$ giveaway on Friday September 24th.
It is a 2.2$ freezeout on America's Card room with 1000$ added. 50$ Bounty on my head and 30$ on approved streamers that join! Details given at 1:30 PM on Sept. 24th during stream. Then you have 30 minutes to enter! 800$ goes towards top 10 twitch subscribers in the tournament 200$ goes towards Top 10 non-sub finishers.

The goal is to make this a monthly thing and add more giveaways during regular streams. Right now it is all coming out of my own pocket, but hopefully I can create a system where it becomes self-sustaining from the revenue generated by the ads and viewers!

I will be streaming this Sunday ( Sept 19th) and more information will be given! Come check it out:

More updates on twitter

I will be using this thread to post interesting spots , funny moments and other Twitch clips that I will find relevant.

If you have any questions or suggestions , please let me know!
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Old 09-22-2021, 06:24 PM   #2
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Re: 1000$ giveaway BERIUZY HSMTT stream!

Sounds very interesting! I will be happy to join your game on Friday.
Hunting for bounties is always exciting. I hope I can catch one.
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Old 09-25-2021, 12:21 AM   #3
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Re: 1000$ giveaway BERIUZY HSMTT stream!

63 people entered! Was a lot of fun and a bunch of new people made a lot of money!
Stream lasted 11hours and was a huge hit , along with some big wins!

I plan to do this again next month. If anyone watched and has any suggestions or thoughts , please let me know!
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