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5 card omaha + entertainment oriented stream. NEW APPROACH

Hi guys,

My name is Blaise and I am from the Internet. I play poker for 11 years now but only after moving to the Netherlands, chasing Lex and trying to learn Dutch did it take a professional turn. Long story short I found myself at 25 and was looking for what should I do in life.

In the Netherlands, except people who accept me for who I am, the perfect job and freedom I have found a perfect way to balance poker.

The answer to that is the perfect job. I have found my calling in the hospitality industry, where for 3 nights a week I am the DJ, ambiance creator, host, talking wikipedia and occasional joint comrad for tourists from all over the world in an awesome hostel. I give it all to the people in those days.

And that is because other 3 days a week I take from people. I have been playing 5 card omaha for 2 years professionally and it is going great since I was able to lose 35 000$ in tournaments, that I didn't own before and also travel quite a lot in the meantime. I miss 6 card omaha, I like talking to people, I travel a lot and have no problem meeting new people anymore.

Hence, the idea for a stream... I am just starting out, and doing it mostly for myself. However I thought, you might wanna know about my initiative. It consists, besides other things, of:
- Streaming always from the hostel, whether it is in Brazil now, Montevideo and Amsterdam later. I want the random people in the background, who can never believe clicking buttons on the internet is a form of a job. Also, I want really immersive TV experience, if you really want to you can book a spot in any of those hostels and be part of the experience.
- teaching people the amazing secrets of 5 card PLO in exchange for an open discussion in Holdem, where sometimes I am puzzled.
- sharing the music, the whole world shares with me in Amsterdam
- discussing things much deeper than poker, on the stream like physics, psychology, economy or metaphysics
- introducing the element of comedy into streaming as well as random, interesting people I will meet in the hostel ( hot girls love the camera, too )
- ultimately bringing back the chess of poker known as 6 card omaha, that was taken from me when FTP got acquired and improving with people along the way in holdem.

That's my idea. I have been carrying it out for the last two weeks, got up to 30 followers but not a lot of people are chatting with me yet. Hence I thought I would let you guys know about this. Maybe someone will dig my approach to life, because even thou my body is 28, I have seen some stuff already. Thanks for reading if you got to this point. See you on the stream.

Ohh and by the way, the name of the stream is LimitlessBATventures on Twitch. Shoot me up if you have any questions.

Sorry for the long post (insert picture of a potato), it's my first one. Cheers!
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