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04-07-2021 , 12:39 PM
What's this, another desperate attempt to revive the Hearthstone subforum?


The introduction of achievements (which was long overdue, according to some) has brought a new dimension to the game. Most achievements give you nothing more than points and a nice, green check mark in the relevant section. But for the newest set it's different. Clearing these achievements will earn you XP - which means you advance more quickly on the rewards track.

So, anyone around here who's been grinding achievements?
04-07-2021 , 12:52 PM
I posted this in the main thread recently:

Originally Posted by Sheep86 Achievements
I finally cleared this one a moment ago. It took me way too much time.

I built a deck without spells and with Mankrik, Augmented Elekk, Brann Bronzebeard and Malygos the Spellweaver. Having Emperor Thaurissan and of course a decent amount of (targeted) draw also helps. And sometimes you have to go easy on your opponent, or you'll win before you can summon Mankrik, CbH. It's a terrible deck but I played purely for the achievement.
Here's another one, but from 'Gameplay - Core' (so no XP).

The reward was 1 point.
08-07-2021 , 01:47 PM
I got the "Die to an Annoy-o-Tron" achievement and started cracking up when I realized that they put something like that in the game.
10-15-2021 , 07:07 PM

Yay! This was definitely one of the toughest BG achievements. I pulled it off with a pretty cool menagerie build.