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pot limit holdem omaha split pot

played this a couple of times at a home game, and apparently 1 or 2 other home games have played this. we've come up with a few names for it but i like pot limit holdem omaha split pot, other names include 6 card holdem omaha, and ploldem.

the rules are each player is dealt 6 cards and before betting begins you choose what 2 cards are your holdem hand and what 4 are your omaha hand. betting is all pot limit, there's a flop turn and river and at showdown the pot is split between the winning holdem hand and the winning omaha hand.

strategy wise no one has any idea, I've tried finding any sort of form of this game on the internet but can't find anything, the main strategy i adopted is if i have aces to put them in my holdem hand and then put as much money in preflop, as ill have like 80% equity with aces and even if my omaha hand is bad i probably still have a bit of equity.

opinions? anyone played something like this? pretty fun though
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Re: pot limit holdem omaha split pot

Try searching for "SOHE" - simultaneous Omaha and HoldEm.

Personally, I prefer to play this game as limit or spread limit. Either as limit or pot-limit, it is always an interesting session. And yes, a typical home game table has trouble adjusting to the game. It might be better for the health of the game to adjust the structure of the game to account for that.

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Re: pot limit holdem omaha split pot

I love this game. We call it SOHE in my main mixed-game circle. I actually published a book about it earlier this year:

Putting aces in Hold'em is one point of strategy that is often correct, but not always. IMO, it's important to take an overall view of hand strength rather than simply loading up one side and dumping the trash in the rest. Everyone else gets six cards too, so getting AA isn't all that uncommon; you'll need to seek advantages in other spots.
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Re: pot limit holdem omaha split pot

After reading about this game in this forum, we play it quite a bit. I agree that most people go on auto pilot and put a big pair in the hold em hand, but like Jim said, not always optimal.

Fun game but at our low, not very deep stakes, it tends to bust people fairly quickly. Not uncommon to see at least 1 player all-in each hand.

Good luck.
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