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Re: Poker chip set with 25 cent denom's

Please be careful with "double duty" chips. I have to contemplate the chance that a black ten cents chip or a green twenty-five cent chip goes missing one game and reappears sometime latter as a hundred dollar chip or a twenty-five dollar chip.

I have seen that happen in a game where the tournament chips match the cash game chips. And seen generic "dice" chips brought into a game, one or two a game, until the problem grew large enough that the high value chips didn't fit into the case anymore. These are true home games where everyone knew each other - yet even so, some folks decided to cheat the host.

I encourage you to be careful. You could recover the additional expense for dedicated chips for each value by avoiding a handful of problems.

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Re: Poker chip set with 25 cent denom's

Yes , I definitely am aware, but the pool will differ greatly between .10/.25 & 1/2, 2/5 players..higher games will have a zero tolerance...ANY missing chips = no game till found/returned.

FWIW, not dice chips and not popular..I will post pics if I can learn how
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Re: Poker chip set with 25 cent denom's

For quarters, I like getting a couple of rolls of quarters and using them in addition to my chips. Don't need to worry about the "double duty" aspects or about them walking away, and they are easily replaceable.
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