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PL 7 stud/Mississippi Stud - river face down or up?

Playing a home game tonight and the guys are open to some stud, but will never play it limit. Found some PL stud rules here:

But it says to deal the river face up. To me this spoils the game a little, will it really ruin the game if we deal the river face down?
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Re: PL 7 stud/Mississippi Stud - river face down or up?

My regular home game is spread limit and dealers choice. We've found a way to bastardize just about every game. To me, it's tough to 'ruin' a game, but some variations are absolutely better.

The link shows the difference in dealing 7-stud (ddu - u - u - u - d) with 5 betting rounds and Mississippi-stud (ddu - uu - u - u) with 4 betting rounds. It's also talks about lowering the nuts on every hand from quads (7S) to trips (MS) with an uncoordinated board showing.

A lot will depend on the groups reaction to big hidden hands, big river shoves, the stakes, rebuys and deep pockets of the players.

I don't think dealing 7th street face down really changes it that much, but I would be aware of hidden monsters.
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