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Tyrone Slothrop
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Question Looking for Internet server for a "home game" with both private tables and bots

I originally posted the following in the Internet Poker forum but decided that what I need is more like for Internet-based "home games". See below.

To teach a beginner who is intimated by the game, I would like to find a friendly game server which has the following:
  1. Can set a table to be private (for example, password protected access to table or by invitation only)
  2. Can set table so there are no observers
  3. Can set table so that players don't timeout (it might take time to explain a hand)
  4. Can set table to fill the empty seats with bots

I've found the following four possibilities, but none are perfect:
  1. PokerTH does all of the above except that the maximum timeout for Internet games is 60 seconds, which is not enough for instruction. Network games don't have this limit, however it is not clear that bots can be used for empty seats in a Network game, as I wish.
  2. Bluff Avenue does everything, and would be otherwise perfect, except I don't see any way to have bots play empty seats.
  3. allows private tables but doesn't support bots taking empty seats.
  4. It's been suggested to me that I just use computer screen sharing (with a poker site or even a computer poker game) and teach using screen sharing. That seems awkward.

Can anyone think of anything? Thanks!
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