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Live progressive KO?


I’ve been thinking about having a Live PROG KO tour lately, but i keep thinking about if it’s too much of a hassle?

I was thinking i’d give each player 2 Bounty chips, where they pocket one and put the other on their “head”.

Is it really that simple? I figured it would cause problems pretty fast, with halves being cut in half and so on.

Is there an easy solution to this?
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old hand
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Re: Live progressive KO?

I mean, you could just round up or down. Is this a STT or MTT? Cuz if it's an MTT, unless your group has both experience with bounty tourneys and is more or less completely trustworthy, I think the extra chip from some KOs is the least of your problems. I won't be surprised to hear that a chip or two was pocketed rather that placed on their head (accidentally or otherwise).

In a similar way, the question comes up every year or so about using antes, and most of us who have tried it, dropped the idea almost immediately. For home games, fun ideas sometimes bring more hassle than fun.
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The Meal
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Re: Live progressive KO?

We run a live progressive jackpot MTT.

Half the buy-in amount is “returned” to each participant in cash chips, the other half to the standard prize pool. Upon a KO, the KO’s cash chips are converted half to cash (rounded down) and half added to the hitman’s stack of cash chips. First place finisher receives their prize pool winning plus all cash value in front of them.

We do allow for rebuys with the same rules. Our rebuy cost is 2/3rds the buy-in cost but we still split that 50-50 between prize pool and cash chips in front of the player.

The night does run a little bit longer because bust outs take longer to prosecute bustouts/rebuys (because of the on-the-fly cash payment and because our TD also plays and so we pause the clock for each bust out).

It’s pretty painless, and more popular than when we used to run straight up KO tournaments.
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