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HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ

07-27-2013 , 10:27 PM
breich tiki tanking

HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-27-2013 , 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by that_pope
Well I ended up doing pretty good. Outlasted one person to finish in 19th place, and then got ridiculed as I left because I said my wife wanted to go to dinner which is why I wasn't staying for cash games.

Nice meeting you guys!

I'll save everyone the bad beat stories and just say one specific player owned me 3x.
nice meeting you as well!
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 12:18 AM
down to 16
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by thesnuke
fu jz
I had the best hand lolz.

Oh well I got my payback. Had QQ with blinds at 2/4k 100 ante. UTG shoves for 20k UTG+1 calls. I shove for ~55k.


Low red cards flop, turn. A on river. Would've been the big stack by a lot....

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HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 04:17 AM
Had a great time and nice to meet a bunch of 2+2ers. Caught some lucky cards when it counted, but Kenny (one of Pali's home game guys) crushed us like a bug...
Schmendy bowed out in 5th for a min-cash, and then 3 of us chopped 2nd and gave Kenny full first place $$, that's how much he had us dominated.

Thanks Palimax for hosting this shindig and the RFID table is pretty sweet, although my wife kept texting me critiquing my play. busting my chops for playing ace rag and so forth... lol
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 04:33 AM
Camera still on.

Lodden bets in progress.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 06:10 AM
After a local player gets rivered by a one outer, says pali: "lol you mad bro"
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 09:27 AM
Last hand has been dealt... 5 way flip. Yours truly won against 4 others using only 3 cards K2K.

Full trip report at some point..... 42 hours total logged in 3 days.

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HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 10:14 AM
Big bald local pictured a few posts up checking in here. Main event was a great time, even though we all got run over by the Kenny Express. Hope you out-of-towners enjoyed the Filiberto's for dinner -- that's an Arizona institution of sorts. Thanks to Pali and the Mrs. for their outstanding hosting! Looking forward to any trip reports.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 12:02 PM
Mike I'm the guy you tanked on before folding your tens face up. Good fold, I had Kings. As soon as I shoved I regretted it. I misplayed that so badly- I was almost certain you had a middle pair after you smooth called my preflop 4-bet and when that flop came down 7-high I should have checked it and let you fire at it. Ah, well...

You're a solid player. I feel certain you bet me out of a couple pots where I was ahead.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 04:57 PM
Boarding the plane and heading home.

Schmendr1ck this is what you missed with your early flight home.

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HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 07:12 PM
Zathras glad to see you cashed! I think my mistake was 3-betting TT without a plan for how to respond to a 4-bet. Should have snap-folded as you hadn't gotten out of line much, and were probably within JJ+/AQs/AK or something, which crushes me. Had you checked the flop then yep, I would have probably shoved and gotten stacked, figuring you didn't have the big pair. I tanked hard when you shoved though because you snapped the shove so quick I was afraid you were repping the big pair and didn't have it.

I've just been getting into poker these last few months, getting cheap weekly lessons from Palimax and his merrycrew via the $10 tourneys, so this deep stack format was a first for me. Really fun stuff.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-28-2013 , 08:28 PM
Mike is the one who beat me in 3 pretty huge hands. Only hand I beat him was when I got lucky and had nut straight over second nut straight. He looked like he was going to reraise my min raise on the river and I woulda puke folded cause board was paired.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-29-2013 , 09:51 PM
Trip report/wall of text incoming soon. Really going to be TLDR, etc.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-29-2013 , 10:01 PM
I'm waiting!
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-29-2013 , 10:23 PM
Trip Report

First of all HUGE thanks to Pali and his wife. I had an epic time at the event and being able to play with your homegame crowd was just a lot of fun. I know from hosting last year what a headache it can be to basically put up a lot of people for basically 3 days straight. Food was just spot on and delicious! Beer was outstanding and you went the extra mile and even put us up in a really nice hotel room for 3 days (even better connected to a casino!). I hope that you were able to recover all of your hosting costs with all the $20's that were being thrown your way. Seriously, thank you! You went way above the call of duty and I appreciated it all.

The experience for me this year was vastly different, not hosting, and having to travel out for it. I can honestly say that this was totally worth it expense and time away from home. Seriously for all of you HP folk that are even on the fence about attending find a way to make it happen. The stories, memories, and fellowship you get is just awesome. I will also announce here officially that Schmedr1ck, being the only traveling player for 2 years, has earned his spot to host this event next year in Orlando, FL.

I think I logged the highest number this trip (2 years in a row! Do I get an ironman medal? Oh wait I had some at FT....) due to casino play and 3.5 hours of OFC with Breich on the airplane. If Breich hadn't been such a Sleeping Beauty (his new undertitle...) we could've logged 3 more on the plane ride home. I logged a total of 42 hours of poker + 14 hours of sleep + 8-9 hours of travel in the 3 days.


I head over to Breich's house at 1PM local time and we then get driven to the airport by his mom...still makes me lol. She's cool and wishes us luck and tells us not to get into much trouble. We get through security after some eventful screening procedures that are new to me that caused me to go through the machine twice and have a conversation with the TSA lady because I didn't want the cash I was bringing out of my sight and hand. Once through we take a seat and being by flipping for the bitch seat in the middle. Flipking prevails and Breich sits in the middle. We then play OFC for the next 3.5 hours. After being up about 30 points, Breich went on a heater (20 pt hand) and I go into the negative, but that doesn't last long as I then I win the next 10-15 hands straight (we didn't keep count) and now was up almost 60 points before the most LOL hand happens. I had been to fantasyland once on this trip and Briech finally earned his chance at it. He sets his hand up and I being flipping my cards up and before Breich realizes what happens our boards are something like this

Two Pair


Sick! I win 4 points and then take a trip to fantasyland while I laugh about it the whole time. I end up 35 points after the 3.5 hours and we do a double or nothing flip and I show some human trait and lose with A high. After landing in Phoenix (Thankfully...I hate flying and the flight we had was a lot more bumpy than I would've like!) and being picked up by Schemdr1ck we head over to Pali's.

Upon arrival, we are greeted with the keg and a tour of the place. Pali then answers the question the ever long Home Poker question of bringing a glock to a homegame as he tells us he is carrying and that some other locals might as well. We lol over the thread and decided to throw in $20's with thesnuke, who was the first arrival, for the opening flip of HPI 2013. I kid with them all that it would be easier to just give me the money....and then they do after we go through the formality of actual dealing out the hand.

Being up an immediate $60 and forcing the rest of the table to rebuy was pretty awesome. We then being playing a mix of games for super small stakes while drinking, talking, and gambling it up. The crowd is light this night, but we got to know those that were there pretty well and that set things off right for the rest of the weekend.

After the game ended at 2 we head down to the casino to find a 3/6 omaha game running. We are told that they are playing over and I'm like give me one of those, Schemedr1ck and Breich decline those and we each take 3 racks. We get to the table and find that they are playing 3/6 full kill so with overs it is actually 12/24 for me which I'm loving. 80% of the pots are kill pots so really the game is 6/12. As we are playing several $300 pots develop and I end up hitting the nut low a few times to give either half or 1/4 in 4-5 way pots. Oh did I forget to mention that this game is being played with only white chips, a 12/24 white chip structure....Pretty sure the dealer hated himself. Wish I had gotten a picture of the stacks he was having to make. I cash out for a nice $110 profit and we call it a night at 5:30 trying to be semi-responsible. In hindsight we should've just kept playing as the game was just that juicy.

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HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-29-2013 , 10:23 PM

After going to bed around 5:30ish the plan was to get up around 12, meeting Pali for lunch and go play some poker. Breich and I got up before that and headed downstairs to the casino to see what games were running. Sure enough there was one table of $3/6 full kill hold'em being played. We both decided to watch for a bit since everyone playing was over the age of 65 and confirmed our suspicion that it was a nit fest. Average pot was around $12 so we stood around talking and reading through the promotions. One of the ones offered by the room was $20 to the first 6 players checked in when the room opens at 10am who log 2 hours worth of play. As we get done reading that we see 6 players get up for the table (clock read exactly 11:59am) and the game breaks. Pretty LOLZ.

I sign up for a players card at the casino and get a free buffet and $10 worth of slot play so I head to the one with the cheezburger on the top. I can't lose right?! Two $4 pulls, one $2 pulls, a $1 win, and a $0.80 pull later I'm left with $0.20 to cashout so I head to the machine and get my 4 shiny nickels.

By this time Schmendr1ck joins us and he wants to degen it up and play some slots. He feeds $20 in and soon enough has like $34 in credits. He plays through with the plan to cashout even. I give him my pro tip and he cashes out for $21 dollars. HPI = $1.20 Casino = $0. Meanwhile we are still waiting for Pali to show up and he is almost an hour after he said (turns out he had a legit reason. Pali, sorry about the dig afterwards, wouldn't have said it if I had known prior ) so we head over to the table games.

I had the expert plan of playing, hitting a blackjack and getting a snapper that they had to keep and take home. Unfortunatley the $5 minimum (baller table) only has one open seat so I take it. Easy right? $30, one winning hand, and 7 hands of only 12's, 14's, and 16's later I say **** it I'm done. Meanwhile the old guy next to me hits 5 blackjacks...Schemendr1ck says he will give it a try with the plan to double up or bust. He wins a hand or two more than I did and then looks down and only has $15 left of his $30. He says YOLO and puts it all in. Another 14/bust and he is done. Briech was ready to try for the group and Pali walks up and saves him the same fate as we had. HPI = $1.20 Casino = $60 (DOH!)

We grab lunch at the buffet which was amazing and only cost $34 instead of close to $80 with my new player coupon and Pali's insane discount. I grab my food and sit down. Breich, Pali and Schmen are talking about some nerd crap that I don't understand and I just eat my delicious food while wondering what language they are speaking. I'm a nerd in comparison to 99% of the population I meet unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it had lunch with 3 of the other 1%ers.

From there we plan on going to Pali's house. Breich heads over with Pali and I jump in Schmendr1ck's rental white Charger (good choice!). After blowing through a red light while we were both on the phone doing our due husbandly duties calling our wives we get a call from the other guys. I didn't have the phone, but the conversation went something like we are going to DesertSky Gaming a place run by Pali's friend, come join us, **** JZ.....

After reliving my childhood by talking about Magic the Gathering and looking at the cards in the display case Pali and Schmen play some Tron and take down the high score. After that we head over the Pali's place where the 4 of us start bagging thousands of chips for the starting stacks for tomorrow's tourney.

Afterwards some 2+2'ers like Chillrob and RayPowers showed up we began playing some mixed cash games. Side note: I can't believe I met RayPowers in person I didn't know he was coming or even knew Pali! For those that don't know Ray's name around here he was a huge poster back in the days and I remember reading thousands of his posts in many different sub-forums. I even impressed him by remember his old avatar as the duck.

After several hours of $3/$6 Badugi, Razzdugi, LHE, Omaha 8, Big O, Pineapple 8, Chicago, Gardena Jackpot and a few other games I got my fix of mixed games in and went to start up the single dollar blind game $50-$150 NLHE/PLO/PLO8 game. We played from 7-4ish and around 11 that night I had developed a nice LAG image for myself and started getting paid on some monster hands.

Omaha Hi, I held KKQT double suited. Flop KJJ. 3 pot bets later and a regular in Pali's game who couldn't believe I had KK shipped his stack over my way. That began an upswing that resulted in this stack at the end of the night from my $150 buy in.

We get done playing around 4ish and this time upon arrival at the casino we go down to find no game running. The manager of the room greats us and after confirming they won't have a game running till late morning he suggests that we play some blackjack or something. I tell him we've around done that and weren't successful. He tries to tell us about the promos for the next day and I let him know we are going to play some poker all day tomorrow and wanted a game now. After I get the OMG you ****ing degen look we head out and go to sleep.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-29-2013 , 10:25 PM

I wake up around 11ish and get ready. Breich is of course sleeping and I head down to the casino to find Schemendr1ck playing in a 3/6 full kill game. Thank god for Saturdays! I get seated at the second table that wasn't as good as the other game Schemen was sitting in, but I figure if we were only going to play an hour or two it wasn't a huge deal. I pick my seat and find out the guy to my right has never played poker before....Sweet! I pick up AKs in spades twice during the session and manage to win $54 before looking down and seeing its already 2:15 and we have to get to Pali's for the tournament that starts at 3. We go to see if Breich is alive and he is still sleeping...After getting his ass out of bed we get to Pali's right at 3, without lunch, and begin immediately tearing apart his fridge to get to the delicious BBQ leftovers that were for dinner the previous night.

We draw for tables and I get the main RFID table which is pretty sweet until I figure out that I have 3 2+2'ers directly to my left...****. My goals for the tournament were to last longer than I did last year (2nd out) and not get involved in a coin flip early to go play in the cash games....With that in mind I try and play tighter than a virgin and anyone who’s ever played with me knows that I would rather blow my brains out than have to do that.

My table was easily the best table of the tourney though of the 3. With 25/25 starting blinds (35 mintue levels) and a 30k stack we had pots going well into 10k within just a few hands because we figured if not we were going to be playing till the end of the week and I had a plane to catch on Sunday so that wasn't an option for me. The other tables didn't even get out the yellow chips till later. We made goals of trying to collect the green chips to force other to only bet in blacks, purples or yellows. We determined strength of bets by the quantity of greens in the pot. We created special bets like the rainbow and handed out punishments of evil jeallybeans to people that limped. This actually began annoying the other table next to us.

I eventually pick up KQ in the CO and raise it up to like 600 in the 100/200 level, I get 3 bet (again!) by thesnuke on the button to 1,425 (notice the green) and I call. Flop comes K37. I check, thesnuke bets a rainbow (1625), I raise to ~4.4k, and he shoves. I call and he shows K4. Board blanks out and I get the first knockout of the tournament! Never done that before, very cool. Thesnuke gets props here for being a great guy as he dealt for the table for a bit, went to go get dinner and also brought me food to the table later in the evening. Thanks!

After 2 bust outs, both happening at our table (#2 was thatpope) we got another player from the table that was in the garage. He had no idea what was going to happen to him. He was like WTF how do you have bust outs. The max bet at our table was 4k as he limped into his first hand. He immediately gets raised, then 3-bet, and the lightbulb goes on. Within 15 minutes he gets all in the flop against Mike with KJ vs. Ax (can't remember your kicker) on a board of AJx. Turn K (sick) and he doubles up to stay alive and has a much better stack. With the blinds going up and antes now in the pot (more green chips!!!!) I pick up KQs OTB and raise it up after everyone folds. Newish guy 3-bets me and I think he is FOS so I 4 bet. He shoves....puke! I think about it for a few minutes and fold (found out later he had AA).

During the 200 level I got involved in a hand with Mike who was pretty active throughout the entire tourney with 42 from the BB. Flop came out a dreaming 539. Checks around to Mike who bet like 1.2k with 5 people in the hand. I raise to 4.4k hoping to take it down. Mike basically clicks it back to around 9.4k with about 45k effective and I decide to call and take a turn (maybe I should've shoved, but essentially looking at 4 high I was like meh...). Turn is a K. Check, Mike bets like 5k. I call. River blanks, Check Check. Mike flips over K5 for an absolute monster....Cost me like 15k, but I feel lucky to still be in.

The blinds now were at 1/2k with 50 antes (Yummy greens) and I had gone from 48k to about 22k after being involved in a couple of hands with Mike. One other hand I shut down my bluffing after he called a flop with AJ no pair with me holding 67s. If I was going to fire another barrel it was going to be an all in and I had too many chips left to work with. During this level Mike raised twice to 4k and I was basically like FU I want my chips back so I 3-bet him all in on 2 straight hands. Once with AQs and the other with A6o. I could tell he was annoyed, but he stopped raising so much after this. Win for me there since he was attacking my blinds from the button every chance he got...yes even at the 25/25 level...guess he really wanted those green chips.

From there the blinds went up to 2k/4k and I got to steal the blinds twice more. My stack was now at a healthy ~63k when I looked at my first pair above 99 all day with pocket Q’s. Those of you that have been following this thread know what happens. UTG shoves for 20k, UTG+1 calls (90k stack), folds to me, I shove for 43k and change, folds around and he thinks for half a second a calls. This player, from playing with me in the cash game the previous night labeled me as extremely loose and willing to play whatever. I don’t think he thought about the fact that the pot was protected already with an all in player or the fact that I’m shoving into the only stack at the table that could bust me. Either way he called with AT while UTG flips over JJ. I’m 55% to win this in a 3 way pot and with low red cards on the flop and turn my odds increased to 91%, but still weren’t enough with the dreaded A showing up on the river to bust me and UTG. This gave the big stack of the tourney and even greater lead.
I’m not a tourney player. Hell I play in once a year, but I’m really happy with the way I played in this event and couldn’t ask for more as I had more than a coinflips chance to bring my stack up to over 150k (25% of the chips in play) with like 13 people left. I would’ve been a monster stack and know that would’ve been enough to make a cash or take down first place like the guy who busted me did. Gives me some hope that maybe I could be good at these things if I actually tried.

After busting and paying Schmendr1ck my $10 from our last longer bet (even on those this year since Breich paid me) I lost my only flip of the event in a 4 way $10 flip with Breich, thesnuke, and a local player. I made another high pair, but couldn’t hit another pair to overtake his two pair. From there we started the cash game table and after Schmendr1ck busted his 2nd biggest stack to the big stack who busted me for a min cash of $75, the other 3 players were down to 1-4 blinds each. They agreed to give the big stack first place money at $400 and chop the remaining $525 three ways. We then started playing the cash game.

This was not the cash game we had from the previous night as everyone was getting very tired. Orbits were taking a while and dealers were making errors. At this point poker started to become secondary as we began playing $5 a bet lodden thinks. Questions ranged from “How much money do you think the assistant store manager at the nerd store has in his wallet?” to “On a scale from 1-100 with 1 being the worst movie you ever saw to 100 being the best please give an integer rating the movie My Cousin Vinny. Other questions included “How much money would it take for player X to stop playing poker” “How many rounds has Breich shot in his life” “How fast has JZ driven” “How much money would it take for player x to streak at sporting event” “How many times has the movie Star Wars: Episode 4 has been watched by the people in the room” “How many people have the men in the room penetrated” “How many people in this room have a gambling problem” Yes I got labeled as one of the 4 by the local in the room. Pali and two other locals joined me in that category. I guess everywhere I go I get labeled a degen. This provided some major LOLZ and kept the poker going until 6 in the morning. I only really had one had of note during this time.

Effective stacks are like $190.

UTG+2 raises to $4, I reraise with KT from the CO to $13, folds around and UTG+2 calls.

Flop comes out 953

UTG+2 checks, I bet $14, UTG+2 CR's to $44, I shove. He goes into the tank and decides I either have diamonds or an overpair and eventually calls with A9.

Board runs out T 9 and he gets my stack. I was 53% on that hand so I'm not unhappy except it was at about 5:00 in the morning and one player who hand already busted was now asleep at the table. We call it quits soon and the Pali, Schmen, Breich, one local player (of course not the one that busted me) and myself each throw in a $20. After Breich hit's a pair of 7's (9,5 up). I flip up 3 cards, K, 2, K to take the lead with a pair of K's. Schmen up next can't even muster A high (flipfish forever). Local player gets a pair of tens, but can't find a second pair and in the process kills of a 7 of Breich and a 5. Pali's up and manages a smaller pair of 9's and takes off the last 7 and another 5. He blanks and with all of his outs gone so does Briech. Ship the 3/4 flips for the event. Total flip profit = $150 and so ends the event.

We get back to the hotel around 7ish. Unfortunately the bingo hall that is right by the hotel is closed or we were going to go play bingo with the old ladies on Sunday morning so instead Breich and I catch about 3 hours of sleep before meeting up with Pali and Mrs. We meeting them in the casino where Pali says they are playing some “light slots” and we watch him earn his degen title from the previous night by putting 3 bills through the machine in about 5 minutes. He goes busto, minus $0.20 (see a pattern here...) and immediately stands up, not phased, and says let’s get some food. HPI = $1.40, Casino = $360

Flight home I got some LOLZ with a guy who had clearly chosen the seat on the plane next to the hot (22ish) girl flying solo across the aisle from me. I know I failed with no pics... He proceeds to lead off with the reason why he is flying is because he lost his license this morning by getting his sister's Nissan Juke impounded. The kid was from NY and was down in PHX to drop off his things since he goes to ASU. He had no way to get back so he was forced to fly. Things got even more disastrous from there and even though I just wanted to tell him he had no chance after the mention of the boyfriend countless times he continued to try to impress her. Of course Breich was asleep the entire plane ride and missed everything even though she did him the favor of picking up and handing back his entire weekend roll to him when it fell out of his pocket while she was sleeping. If I were her I would've taken it and paid off the guy to shut it.

I got home went out to dinner with my wife and crashed for 14 hours last night which equaled the total I got over the entire weekend. Amazing I want to go play more poker and will probably go tomorrow to play so I can spend some time with my wife tonight.
Thanks again to our great hosts.

I can’t stress enough how great of an event it was and I really can’t wait to attend Orlando 2014 with you all.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-29-2013 , 10:33 PM
Thanks for the writeup, jz. It was awesome to meet all you guys and I'm looking forward to next year!
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-30-2013 , 12:00 AM
I'll get a write-up posted soon. Had an awesome time!

Pali, any idea when the feed will be archived? I might cut the videos into a 5-10 minute youtube-able video with the big hands I remember + lodden lolz + "lol u mad bro".
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-30-2013 , 02:51 AM
I'll take a crack at the videos in the next couple of days. I made several gigs of videos, so I get to either cut them up in hour-or-so segments, or put a 9-hour tournament into Youtube in 54 pieces.

I don't mind uploading gigs to one of my websites for a few people to crowdsource, but it's probably just easier if I sit around and cut it into chunks on blind levels or something.

Although we broadcasted, some of the Lodden stuff needs to be buried and best forgotten; some needs shared
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-30-2013 , 03:07 AM
Pali, just realized that I forgot to bring back my mixed place card set. Any chance you can ship it and I can send you the money for it? You still have my address?

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HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-30-2013 , 06:13 PM
I'm sure it's in my older PMs. I'll get it sent to you. Won't cost more than a couple bucks flat-rate, so no sweat.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-30-2013 , 07:16 PM
This sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, but I would be ready for bed about 1 AM, and I get the feeling that wouldn't fly with the group. Frankly, that is a disincentive to attend.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote
07-31-2013 , 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by eneely
This sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, but I would be ready for bed about 1 AM, and I get the feeling that wouldn't fly with the group. Frankly, that is a disincentive to attend.
Could be. I tried to leave about midnight on Friday, and they actually tied me to my chair and threatened to force feed me more caterpillar flavored jellybeans if I didn't stay longer and give them a chance to win their money back.

Last edited by chillrob; 07-31-2013 at 02:16 AM. Reason: I thought they tasted like peach pie with onion. YMMV.
HPI 2013: July 25-28, Phoenix AZ Quote