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Home poker outreach

I am curious as to how you guys reach out to bring new players to your games? I have a network of about 40 people but would love to make it larger to make it easier for games to make. All suggestions welcome!!!
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Re: Home poker outreach

a player pool of 40 you should have no problem making a home game on any day of the weekend, potentially running two tables.

I am in north jersey and have a player pool of about 25-30. Started much less, but I've met many solid players/friends through online postings. Most of my new players come from the poker subreddit, I'll just make a post looking for players and have found about 10 players from there. I've met a few through craigslist and maybe 1 person off 2+2 forums. Checking their social media is a good way to filter people, basically as long as they have a job or doing something with their life their chances of doing something shady go down dramatically.
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Re: Home poker outreach

we use the "sponsor" system. An established player will inquire about bringing in somebody new. I, as host, and the rest of the crew will evaluate the "new guy" and if it is obviously a problem, the sponsor will notify the player. This almost never happens. Rejections are rare. Players for home games don't grow on trees any more , so most "new folks" are serious and respectable enough for our games.
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Old 04-19-2018, 12:23 AM   #4
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Re: Home poker outreach

"Invite a friend" game. Every year we have one of them and it usually brings some new players to the fold for the following year. We give out bonuses for anyone who brings a friend up to a limit. This year has gotten so big we have to cap our games at 36 and have started turning people away. That's with a network of over 100 players though on the invite list.
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Old 04-19-2018, 12:21 PM   #5
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Re: Home poker outreach

I actually had the idea of the invite a friend bonus. If they invited a friend that has never played, their name goes into a drawing for $50. If a new person comes that have never been, their name also goes into a separate drawing for $50. I sent out the message and the "promo" runs for the next 2 games and we draw on the 3rd game. I totaled it up and actually have 57 poker contacts. For some reason, my guys don't see how important it is to have new people coming into the game. lol
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