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Home Game Tournament

Hello all

There's a group of us of about 6-8 who play a monthly home tournament. We like to have the game over in 4 hours to prevent it dragging into 1 or 2AM.

Usually we start with 2000 in chips. My question is with regards to rebuys and add-ons.

We do unlimited re-buys for the first hour and give the option to do a chip add-on at the end of the first hour.

How many chips should people get when they re-buy and/or add on? Does it make sense to have the re-buy AND add-on be 2000 chips? Blinds start at 10/20 and go up every 20 mins.

Please let me know what you think would make the most sense, thanks.

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Re: Home Game Tournament

It's pretty easy to design a blind structure to make a tourney last 4 hours. The problem here though is you have an indeterminate total quantity of chips in play. I would suggest limiting the number of rebuys allowed to 1 or 2, or one rebuy and 1 add-on (with only players that still having chips at the break allowed to do the add on).

I suppose you could fiddle with the amount of chips you get with the ReBuys and Add-ons, but having them = starting stack is standard.
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Re: Home Game Tournament

not sure of the general aggression level of your home game, but unlimited rebuys can get out of hand. Creates MASSIVE chip disparities going into the 2nd round and can make it almost impossible to play any actual poker pre-break (ie. people just re-buying and blind shoving).

As was mentioned, limiting rebuys is probably the way to go.

With only 8-max, you can have a fairly deep structure and expect to be done in 4 hrs (if rebuy period lasts 1 hr). At about the 3-hr mark you want to target the average stack to be about 20-25BBs I think.
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Bene Gesserit
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Re: Home Game Tournament

IDK the dynamics of your group, but less re buys and add ons would help I think! Maybe increase your initial chip total by at least double and limit it to 1 rebuy within the first 4 levels.
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