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Hand review - home cash game

Home cash game. All figures in Indian rupees.

Min Buy-in: 10,000
Blinds: 100/100
9 handed

Stack sizes:
Hero on BB with stack of 16000
UTG+1 with stack of 13000
Villain on button with stack size of 30000

UTG+1 limps
Villain opens for 900
Hero holds QQ and raises to 3200

UTG+1 calls
Villain calls

Flop: AK6
Hero checks
UTG+1 checks
Villain checks

Turn: Q
Hero checks
UTG+1 checks
Villain bets 3500

Hero goes all-in
UTG+1 folds
Villain snap calls

River: Hero and Villain agree to run the river 3 times
River 1: A
River 2: 5
River 3: 3

Hero shows QQ making full-house on first run and set on the other two runs.
Villain shows 79 making flush on the turn and hence winning run 2nd and 3rd.

Hero wins 1/3 of the pot.

- I was putting the villain and UTG+1 on a range of 22-AA and AJ+
- I made the check-shove on the river for value against hands like Ax, AK, AQ.. for protection against hands like one card flush.. and to gain fold equity incase I am behind.
- Since this was a live cash game, I do not have VPIP/PFR stats of these players but a rough guess would be UTG+1 50/30.. and Villain 40/20.. I was tracking mine though and it was 17/11 across 136 hands.

- was bet sizing of 3200 3-bet pre-flop good? Or should I have bet more to 5000
- was shove on the turn a good move? Or should I have just flat called?
- was running the river 3 times a good move? Or should I have just run it twice? The villain's snap call really made me put him on a straight or a flush.
- any other comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Hand review - home cash game

This isn't really a strategy subforum, but:

How many times to run it is just a variance mitigation strategy. When he snap calls, you are behind. Sets are great but you aren't close to a nut hand here. So running it more than once is fine IMO.

Reraise PF is standard, though his open was pretty high.

Depending on the game, that flop looks like it favors a PF 3-bettor. It's hard to see him bluffing if he's a thinking player. I'm calling in your shoes, probably the river as well, but I am not shoving.
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Re: Hand review - home cash game

Pot is 9,600 preflop, and you have 12,800 left (9,800 effective against UTG+1). I can almost see a case for shoving the flop based on SPR alone, although that's about the ugliest flop ever for QQ. But stacks are just so shallow relative to the pot size. You can't build a pot this big and give it up with any frequency and still expect to come out a winner.

After the Q comes out, it's a no-brainer to bet, and calling the shove is a no-brainer too (you maybe should have just shoved yourself).

Running it three times … eh. I usually prefer twice. It doesn't really change anything too significantly anyway, but it can be a nice option if you're in a game where your stake is bankroll-significant.
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