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Guidelines for posting about home games

  • Don't come here just to post your home game. You should be a contributor to the community before you put up your listing, for several reasons. So, you should be a member of 2+2 for more than a few days, and should have at least 10 posts of some substance.
  • Posts for raked games, charity events, or anything that is not considered a true home game should be made in the sticky Non-traditional game listings. This is the only place these types of posts are allowed.
  • Don't post about illegal games. While this is not a source to use as a legal defense, it may give you an idea of whether your home game is possibly violating your state's laws: Whatever your local laws, 2+2 isn't responsible for your decisions about your game, nor for you posting about illegal games.
  • Posts about your non-raked home game can be made in a new thread, but you must explicitly state that there is no rake or fee charged. If you do not do this, a mod will ask and delete the thread if a reply is not given promptly.
  • Anyone misrepresenting their raked game as a non-raked game will be permanently banned from this website.
  • Also be aware, if you aren't active in Home Poker, you may find your game listing removed after a few months (sooner, if it's a non-traditional game). If you're not active on 2+2, your listing won't last even that long.
  • Safety warning! Please do not include specific game locations (or anything that would make it obvious what venue things are taking place in), and try to be careful with who you deal with. This really isn't just for the legal protection of 2+2, but for players' safety.

    Unfortunately stuff like this is a real threat. I understand that this was a much bigger operation than the vast majority of stuff being dealt with here, but it doesn't take that much money to motivate someone desperate to do something really dumb, especially if the target is in their vicinity.

    Poker meetup group hit

    For more examples (borrowed from a post on

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