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Cleaning Kem Cards

On this website here for Kem's it says if they are sticky use talcum powder in a bag.

Are you shaking all the cards at once or one at a time? How much do you have to wipe off after? I have two decks of Kem's and they are starting to not be quite as "slick" anymore, they kind of stick together when trying to deal, wondering if I can get a good way to slick em up again.

Side note, they haven't started curling and they are well in to 5+ years old now so I'm happy. :happy:
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Re: Cleaning Kem Cards

I’ve noticed the older Kem cards get quite sticky. I just use soap and water. I think sometimes they absorb water if stored in a humid environment but I’m just speculating.
I love Kem cards. Best looking Ace of spades. Best looking pips. Even a 72o looks good if they’re Kems.
I have a lot. I love the circle backs.
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