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Old 01-31-2012, 07:56 PM   #1
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Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

I have not yet embraced the Smart Phone era of technology but wonder if there has been any APP(s) created that will figure your odds on a NLHE or Omaha hand if you enter the outs you estimate you have - further, the Pot Odds if you take enter in the total in the pot v the amount of money to call a raise.

This would seem to be a pretty easy product to develop with a hand full of macros, but, as I disclosed, I am not on the leading edge of hand held tech products.

Anyone aware of such a product and if so it's accuracy & ease of use?
I am sure using a basic spreadsheet application you could develop your own formulas for use on a hand held device.

If, and when, such Apps exist, what would be the ethics of having your smart phone at the home game table to enter in that data and give you the accurate math before you make a move or commit your chips? Sounds like a good topic for Top Pair (
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

Imo anything like this, especially at a home game, would slow the game down tremendously and simply piss off the other players. It would also probably have the side effect of making you look like an <insert derogatory term here>.

My guess is in the long run it would actually hurt your live game rather than help it as all you will be doing is staring at your phone the whole time and not paying attention to the action, bets, tells, etc.
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Old 01-31-2012, 09:38 PM   #3
Kroenke Out
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

Yes, such apps exist, i use an android version. This one doesn't calculate pot odds, it is more akin to pokerstoves ability to calculate equity against a hand or range. Useful on commutes or in meetings.

In practice, it would drive me mad. Home games are generally slow enough. Allowing this would be up there with ipod, sunglasses and hoody at a 25c home game, and would quickly get you uninvited.
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Old 01-31-2012, 09:48 PM   #4
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

I have a few options on my phone and wouldn't DREAM of whipping one out at a poker table:

-- slows game trenormously
-- shows everyone you're that serious about poker
-- indicates to everyone that there are odds to consider
-- teaches them which apps to use
-- raises the level of acceptability of those sorts of tools

very bad for poker.

One of the main ways you're competing with other poker players is your ability to absorb lessons learned away from the table and apply them on-the-fly. Are you better at tracking the pot size? Then it's bad for you if everyone has some easy-to-use pot size readout. Better at evaluating your opponent's style? then it's bad for you to have HUDs breaking down player stats.

OK, that said, there are some tools that allow you to analyze poker off the table. I went through a phase of playing face-up poker hands "solitaire". It's a f*** ton of work, believe it or not. I used my phone for part of it.

first of all, the best HOLDEM equity calculator is of course pokerstove, but that doesn't exist online or on the phone.

A close 2nd, imo is, with the huge factor of being able to evaluate many other games. Use a standard web browser on your phone.

there are ap equity calculators:
Poker Odds Evaluator -- hand vs hand only, no ranges. very simple and fast interface.

PokerOdds -- does ranges, but the interface isn't pokerstove. (same author also has an omaha calc, I haven't tried it).

For ICM calcs, there's an android ap called "ICM Calculator". very nice. I use the same one on my laptop. [note-- I have, once or twice, used the ICM calc at the end of a tournament when a few very sophisticated players were contemplating a chop.]

Don't forget blindvalet's ap. That's one my poker buddies are used to seeing on my phone, because it's awesome and ok in public. (but beware! the timer stops when you turn the screen off )

I haven't kept up-to-date to see if there's newer entries. It was about a year ago I went looking for this stuff. Hopefully somebody follows up with awesome newer tools...

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Old 01-31-2012, 10:01 PM   #5
The Meal
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

Poker Cruncher is the nuts. (Android link at the bottom of page 4.)
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Old 02-01-2012, 01:50 AM   #6
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

I use poker cruncher all the time.....away from the table
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Old 02-01-2012, 03:38 AM   #7
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

I just use -- free, works on any smart phone.
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Old 02-03-2012, 03:36 PM   #8
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Re: Any Smart Phone Apps For Figuring Odds?

Poker Odss for the iphone is pretty cool and free. Very simple program as well.
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