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.25/.25 or similar same bb/sb (holdem)

For low stakes home games, how does having the same blind impact play? (For Holdem games.)

At low stakes, we want to promote action that keeps a game lively. Does having the SB/BB be the same have this effect? is a .25/.25 game better than a .25/.50 game? Same for a .50/.50 game vs a .50/$1 game?

I'm asking because I'm considering chip breakdowns for some cash set. If we consider a .25/.25 game vs a .25/.50 game we have to have more small blind size chips in the game.

Then, regardless of chip breakdowns, at low stakes, does is really matter much if it's .25/.50 vs .25/.25?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: .25/.25 or similar same bb/sb (holdem)

In my experience, it doesn't make much difference.

On paper, it looks like the game gets much deeper when you change the big blind from $0.50 to $0.25 - a $50 buy-in jumps from 100bb to 200bb.

But the reality is different. Players still raise to $2.00 - not caring it is now a 8bb raise vs a 4bb raise. That isn't wholly irrational given that the total amount of money in the blinds is $0.50 vs $0.75.

I don't know that either option effects how many fractional chips are needed to run the game. Me? I love chips and put 150 - 200 fractional chips in play. In my defense, the players are terrible about making change in the middle of the betting so more change spread around the table the better.

If you want to try to get the game to play smaller - maybe a single $0.25 blind would do the trick. Maybe.

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Re: .25/.25 or similar same bb/sb (holdem)

Seriously for most home game groups at this level of stakes/blinds , (.25-.50 or similar) , it will make virtually no difference to anybody! We have played .25-.50 blinds for many years with UTG Straddles allowed. If you set the blinds at .25-.25 , and allow straddles, your stakes will be the same as a .25-.50 anyway. It's your game and your preference , but I don't think what your OP is about or asks , matters too much most of the time.
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Re: .25/.25 or similar same bb/sb (holdem)

Regarding chip breakdowns, we play .25/.50, capped BI at $100 which most do at least for initial BI. Chip breakdowns:

12 x .25=$3
12x 1=$12

FWIW we use tourney chips (meaning 25=$0.25 in cash, 100=$1.00, etc), and even we donks don't have a problem with it. We have a couple dudes who always announce "Raise 500" when they mean $5, but heck, who's going to argue with a guy like that in the game?

Rebuys are almost always in $10 chips. With 8 players there are plenty of quarters for blinds on the table. Yes, we make change from time to time, but if you give out more 25's and 100's than the initial BI, you will have a crowded table very fast.
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