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Game of Thrones This forum is for the discussion of the GoT TV show ONLY!

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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

I like the night King going straight to kings landing now.

Night King... Kings landing! That's where he belongs!
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

The scene w Tormund and the nights watch duded made me cringe. Like if he really thought Tormunds blue eyes were cause he had been turned, he would have attacked.
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

Originally Posted by brianr View Post
Re: Jonís claim to the throne - where is Howland Reed these days? He would be the only living person with firsthand knowledge of this, right? Otherwise his claim is based on a dragon ride, a stolen diary and the ravings of a pupilless interested party. Sure to be some birthers among the seven kingdoms if thatís their entire body of evidence.
Pretty simple spot of if you disagree you can take it up with the dragon.
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

Just to clarify that post, I understand the cynical part of Sansa being a cynical wise ruler. It is the wise ruler part which I feel was not developed at all, and will occur under LF's tutelage in the Vale during Winds of Winter.
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Ted Patrick
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

What is the reasoning behind condensing GOT?

Surely each series is money in the bank even given the budget? Am I off there?

No one would have minded surely, pretty sure they could have kept audience interest if they had spent more time developing certain arcs etc?
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

It's a good question. A quick poke around the internet suggests HBO are keen for the series to end so then can send it to syndication:

And this is all peanuts compared to what the show will earn once it has ended and HBO sends it into syndication, meaning that it will be broadcast as reruns on multiple channels for years, if not decades. That will essentially be free money and free marketing for HBO, as the syndicated Game of Thrones will series will also serve to remind viewers of the five reported spinoffs being developed by HBO, of whom at least one will be on air. This is also why HBO wants the show to end; they want to transition to the phase where they earn billions from this show by spending almost nothing.
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

Also, all the stars are aging. Bran already looks nothing like he's supposed to. Emilia Clarke looks older, we can't have a middle aged Daenerys. They're lucky Arya still looks like a kid.
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Re: Game of Thrones TV Thread - ***NO BOOKREADERS***

Originally Posted by JonnyA View Post
The food issue is not that dumb though. If the plan is to group all troops at Winterfell and hold out there - you need a way to provide for those troops. Let's say Winterfell is 10k citizens - the combined army there could be 100k+. I think it was mentioned that there were 100k Dothraki alone (although unclear how many she brought to Westeros). Add in 10k or so unsullied (she bought 8K plus 5k boys, but assume she's lost a decent number in Essos). Then you have about 20-30k knights of the Vale and say 5-10k Northern troops + wildlings, with the possibility of another 20-30k Lannisters coming.

Add in horses and other support units and that is a lot of food needed (food stores that would last a 10k population a few years, would only last a 100k army a few months).

Sure, if the Army of the Dead attacks quickly it's not an issue, but given how much they've been taking their time, it could be quite a while, especially if they attack smaller holdings on their way. The Night King is probably in no hurry, so maybe he wants to take Castle Black, the Last Hearth, Karhold, etc. before heading to Winterfell. Could be months before he arrives. If that is the case, then food may run out if Dany just waits in Winterfell.

Basically, the point that Sansa is (or at least should be making) is that Dany can't just sit indefinitely in Winterfell waiting for the Night King to arrive. If he's not on the way, she would need to ride out and meet him. That said, it looks like he's heading straight for Winterfell, so this is likely a moot point, but I still think it's a valid concern.
Yeah, I thought it was a decent but obvious point that food is an issue for a massive army. But then she's also shown as questioning Jon for giving up the crown to get Dany's forces, so she's still kind of a dunce.
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