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Transaction Feedback & Disputes For 2+2ers to provide feedback (positive AND negative) and settle disputes with regard to transactions (sales, swaps, stakes, etc.) between 2+2 members.

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Pokerstars cashgame in Manila controversial situation

Such a thing happened in Manila about ten days ago.
Okada Casino, cash game 50/100 pesos ($ 1/2) under the management of Pokerstars. This is their cash game during the Manila Pokerstars Live series.
The older weaker player runs great, winning every pot.

We are in deep stacks.
He raises from ep, I call with 75o, another person calls also. Flop 268r, cbet, call, call. Turn 4, bank 2800, he check, I bet 800, he call, 3rd player call.
River A, he donk bet 6000 to the bank 5200, third player fold, I raised to 20,000. He throws a 10k chip, I show the nuts, there has an ace jack.

He is told that he needs to add 4000 more ($ 80 approximately), he says that he has not heard how much I raised and will not pay, takes all his chips and goes away from table. Girls managers try to stop him, persuade him, then they try to persuade his wife to pay, but they fail. It seems that even with security they caught him, but they still didnít receive any money.

Then I said to the managers of the Pokersatrs, that it's theirs risk from my point of view and they have to pay me 4k.
They ignore it, they say only that they will contact the security service, they will try to catch him and make him pay.

Ten days passed, they still try to reach the player.
I also have a chat via whatsup with the manager of the pokerstars about it. There I say that they have to pay me 4k from my point of view. She admits that there was a case and I am supposed to have 4000 more from the bank, but she does not respond to my remarks that it is their risks, she only says that they are trying to find that player.

What do you think about this situation?
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Re: Pokerstars cashgame in Manila controversial situation

There is literally another post on the front page of NVG about another guy shooting this same angle in Vegas. This is the argument for having villain push all the chips in the middle. Personally, I'm not willing to be the guy that slows the game down by doing this when someone makes the one chip call. Kinda like demanding to see someone's cards at showdown when you have them beat and they try to muck 'em.

But LOL on creating a scene and causing a ruckus over $80! THAT is a pretty good sign you aren't rolled for the game. Cracks me up trying to pull some shenanigans over 40bb.

Also, regarding getting any money back - I doubt you'll see anything from the casino or Pokerstars.
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