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**NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)** **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

08-29-2023 , 11:20 AM

Name: Anthony Elliot
Nationality: UK

GG: AntonElliott Anton1524
WPN: Anton1524
Ipoker: DadoPrso

We signed Anthony in February 2023 and right from the start Anthony made an endless number of excuses for not being able to withdraw money from a specific room, a situation that dragged on for months, because in the meantime Anthony justified an extended absence of the grind with the death of a family member. When we finally managed to get back in touch with Anthony and forced him to resolve the pending money situation, he again found excuses for not being able to do so, while accusing our team of being impatient and insensitive with the supposed death of the relative. Meanwhile, Anthony disappeared from the map when he said that he had made a transfer, which in reality he never did, and disappeared with all the money he still had in his accounts.

We suggest that you do not accept a profile of this type as a player in your teams because he is a real charlatan

Among all this situation, Anthony robbed Team Exploit a total of $1113.64.
**NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)** Quote
08-31-2023 , 10:08 AM

Name: Elliot Goodison
Nationality: UK

Partypoker: littleernz
WPN: erniebernie

I know that there is a post about this player on the previous page, but Elliot applied to our team and we rejected his first application because of his debt to Standard Backing, but Elliot insisted many times, he made us believe that all he needed was a second chance and if we gave it to him he would not disappoint, so after a three-part deal was struck between Team Exploit, Standard Backing and Elliot himself, and after Elliot made a transfer of 300$ for Standard Backing, to pay the first installment of the debt he owes to them, we decided to give him a chance to start playing for us and to redeem his image.

In the first two days, things couldn't have started better, Elliot did a split on each of the days, he send us the money and he was always very correct and cordial in the messages exchanged with us, until the third day where he decided to burn what he had in his bankroll playing 33$, 55$ and 109$ tournaments and when confronted with the situation he said that he had used his own money to play those expensive tournaments with his father, and when I asked him for a print screen of the accounts to see the balances, he disappeared and never responded to messages again.

Although basically our team didn't lose any money banking Elliot, because he did two splits in the first two days, still Elliot owes around 250$ to Exploit, but above all we are making this post to to assure all of you that this is a person who cannot be trusted at all, and whose behavior suggests a strong gambling addiction.
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09-05-2023 , 01:00 PM
Name: Tirca Tiberiu-Catalin

Pokerstars: Badbeat1411
Winamax: 7teBet7, kirebet
888: unknownBet
WPN: PaymaBills
GG: teBet, kirebet

Discord: tebe#6525

Tirca (Tebe), had been with us since June of '21. He continuously operated honestly even though there were lapses in communication occasionally. Everything was okay until the past year. He started to struggle on the tables, and the stress was building. In July, we set up a plan to get money in his pocket in profitable months despite being in makeup. He put in some volume the first few weeks of July and then disappeared. I haven't heard or seen him since.

Tirca Tiberiu-Catalin or "Tebe" owes us the $4,943.58 cash that was in his accounts and owes MU of $17,787.19. Please reach out by PM if you have any information about Tebe.

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09-05-2023 , 04:16 PM
Name: Jake Clark
Country: UK
ipoker: : KILLYOFACE11
phone nr: +4407548391889

Discord: needapoo#3084

Jake joined us in June, and seemed everything is ok.He as doing very good, also made a chop with us. Then all of a sudden stopped answering to everything. Once he picked up the phone too, never again. Clearly knew what he was doing at that point. owes bitB 500.
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09-05-2023 , 04:25 PM
Name: Jason Macartney

Pokerstars: pipoker99
phone nr: +639612638201
Country: USA/Thailand

Discord: thedude4698

He joined us 2022 november, for a couple of months all was good, but early this year he basically stopped playing due to bad stars challenge. Other rooms were not available for him.
We have been waiting for him ever since, he asked to remain in the team still, so we were patient,but stopped answering months ago, leaving us $2145 shorter, as that was his MU.
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09-05-2023 , 04:31 PM
Name: Kevin Michel Sumian

phone nr: +33768461527
Country: France

Discord: MUGIWARAA#0153

Kevin Joined us in March, never made a chop, was VERY hard to reach, ever time he made an excuse, all of them felt like lies.
That went for month, so he makes his debut here. That's all for 200.
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09-25-2023 , 02:22 AM
Name: Alin
Country: Romania
Pokerstars: @l1n93
WPN: UaredeadL0L
GG: carcalac
Skype: aly_boy_stelistu06

Withdrew $1500 from his account and ceased contact. Was in MU and owes about $2600 altogether. Went to another backer since I found out and has since been dropped by them. May try to go with someone else, has a historically good longterm staking record. Is now in communication but has no solution to pay it back.
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09-26-2023 , 08:37 AM
Name: Vadims Levickis / Вадим Левицкий

Pokerstars: si6nin9 : SoUnreal293
WPN: VLVLVL, si6nin9

2+2: si6nin9

Vadmins joined Pocarr in June 2023. Shortly after he started, we requested an audit that revealed a difference of $1,900. We then asked for a Skrill audit and told him to stop playing and return Pocarr funds in accounts until we'd figured out the discrepancy. He refused, locked Sharkscope, and has been playing since with our funds. He never provided an explanation for the missing funds.

Vadims messaged us that he was ready to repay the entire debt within 45 days. But we've yet to receive all the funds he held in accounts. Vadims owes $6,149.
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09-27-2023 , 03:05 PM
Name: Cristian Rivera

Winamax: Br4InIAc

Phone: +573044699684
Discord: A.$.A.P#0408
Birthday: 23.05.1996
Country: Colombia (Medellin)

Cristian stole our BR+profits for personal expenses. Afterwards impossible to reach/communicate with. Eventually ghosted us completely. He owes us $1867.

Strongly discouraged to work with him.

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**NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)** Quote