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Transaction Feedback & Disputes For 2+2ers to provide feedback (positive AND negative) and settle disputes with regard to transactions (sales, swaps, stakes, etc.) between 2+2 members.

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Old 12-30-2018, 10:03 AM   #4551
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

It's pretty encouraging that a horse with such an apparently terrible understanding of basic maths can still beat the games in late 2018
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Fernando Gustavo Figueiredo
Stars: Nandinhorj31
888: KK_nando_AA
Party: Sagat_RJ

Fernando joined us in May and has an agreement that does not permit playing off-stake games. We recently conducted an audit and found him playing off-stake games that were impossible to think were included in our stake. Hypers, rebuys, non-NLHE games, sites we don't stake him for.

We decided to part ways with Fernando and asked he return the cash he held and set up a repayment plan for makeup as he's breach our agreement and we can no longer stake him under these circumstances. He agreed.

We have not received our cash, he's blocked himself on sharkscope, and is no longer replying to any of our communication attempts via Skype, Email, and Facebook.
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Old 01-05-2019, 10:07 PM   #4553
See My Staking Thread
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by gi1985 View Post
Name: Andrew Derek Taylor
- wiisssppppaa on PS -

Hello, Ive been staking Andrew since mid April this year. He joined my stable after we both made a deal with his old backer how we will make this deal work. At first everything was fine even tho he had hard time to follow few simple rules of mine ( to make a rail daily, to post fot a reload on time etc etc.. really small rules ). He played regulary tho. Sometimes mid June he just disappeared for a few weeks. When he finaly reached to me he left me msg on skype that he is on a vacation and will be back in a few days. That was very suspicious but i waited. Then he came clean and said he got banned on PS due some investigation on his and his friends account and also lost staking funds on poker888 ( ~4.5K$ ) playing cash games drunk after one night out too. Obv cash games werent in our deal. Since he was well know and respected member of the community i decided to give him a chance to fix his mistake if he gets unbanned from PS which he did eventualy. Once again everything looked fine, he played regularly but not long after started to slacking once again. He wud just play weekends and be gone during the week. When i asked him what is going on he said he is in financial problems and will need to quit playing poker unless i keep loaning him till he gets out of the hole. I didnt want to loan him anymore but also didnt want to ruin his dream of being poker player so i offered a solution. I wud cut his MU down from 32K to 0 and take much better profit cut in future till he cover dropped MU that way which he and the old backer who have interests in this deal both agreed. His first session was this last Sunday and he won and asked for a split. Since he finished his session very late i red that request in the morning and told my admin to do it for us. At the time only rail Andrew did was for PS. Admin told me that he sent 500$ to someone and when i asked to who he said he swapped for 888 which was fine but since he didnt make a rail for 888 too i didnt know so i cudnt make a split and told him that since i dont know his "endroll" and thing he already started new session i CANT do split ( not dont want to , just cant ) when he went nuts, first being sarcastic then started calling me "****" and sayin that he wud break me at half if im near him etc so i decided its enough and drop him. He did send remaining funds back. Posting all this just to warn u all that hes not reliable and in tough spot where he is ready to make bad decisions and possibly scam somebody. And alo owe me loan and owe to his old backer.

I also have issues with him now, he is ignoring me whilst owing me funds and punting in HU hypers and 2k MTTs!
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

1) 2+2 screen name - ChinaStaking.

2) PokerMaster and other chinese rooms.

3) Skype - jason1353820, skrill -, name on skrill - zebin huang.

4) I already created theme on gipsyteam (russian 2+2) and post on 2+2.

For over a year, I collaborated with a Chinese affiliate. He sent money within 24 hours; there were no problems with this. But now he has not sent me a little more than $28k for a month and a half. After I said that I will not play from him, he ignores anyone who asks about me.

Also with this affilate cooperating H2N and shows advertising on the site with a deposit guarantee. They refused to remove this advertisement, despite the great pressure of the Russian community on GipsyTeam.

You can read more in the post that I wrote yesterday.
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Old 01-07-2019, 12:19 PM   #4555
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name : Tom Talboom
Pokerstars : Tom_poker_NL
888 : SoSick_M8
Country: Holland
skype: live:tomvoetbal

We started working with Tom_poker_NL in June 2018. We had a lot of problems with him staying within his allowed buyin limits.

Prior to starting with us Tom_poker_NL was the victim of a crypto scam (he gave a guy $20k+ to invest into crypto . . . the guy just took the $20k). Tom_poker_NL took the case to court and won a judgement. He assumed that he could collect on the judgement immediately so he decided to buyout his contract for the value of the makeup. Tom_poker_NL made a payment of $2.2k towards his makeup.

Then Tom_poker_NL found out that the scammer no longer had any assets upon which to execute the judgement. So he asked to restart the backing deal. That week upon winning a tournament for $2.6k he withdrew the entire balance of his account to cover his living expenses.

In his words:
I binked this sunday, which got me to a 2,6k bankroll, so it would have been 2k less mu. But ive been dumb. Or actually, I just didnt saw another option this week, and I cashed it all out to pay what I had to pay. A few weeks ago when I said I wanted to stop, and paid off 2k mu, I didnt thought it trough enough. I had bills coming in and thought I would get more money from that guy (the court story I told u about), but it didnt go as plan.
He owes us $7,340
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Small addition to my previous post re: profChaos780, and his random mentioning of wanderer_pro. I have never spoken to that person, but a partner in our company has, and his only contact with us was a warning about Chaos by coincidence about a week before Chaos decided to one day wake up and declare he was going to clown school. None of us saw that one coming. Turns out his warning was correct, but in no way should wanderer_pro be associated with this staking deal other his willingness to offer some advice about this player. Looks like Chaos (who has not been here in a while) has completed his 7 stages of rationalization quickly and has now accepted his role as a thief and moved on with that new reality.

As well we have a new person to write about, and his story is less amusing. He stole money from the stake to fund an addiction to non poker gambling games. He has essentially no money, though he has promised to pay back $30 a month for 2019 to help offset some of his theft. He did send back what was in his account (about 250) when confronted with the information, and he was honest about his issues at that time, though clearly was not before that time.

I have suggested to him a few times that he should quit all forms of gambling, but that type of advice is rarely followed, despite it being valid. We ended it a couple days ago, and he snap put up some daily small packages on the selling online stake forum (we posted a warning in one of them, when we saw it). He indicated to me that he paid his investors, but we have no way of verifying that.

Anyway the information is

Name: Dirk Recknagel
Stars user name: Quentin73
Skype: live:dirk.recknagel
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name : Mads Pedersen
Country : Denmark
skype : mads.p1
email :
Pokerstars : MadsMP
Party : Scouts326 and MadsMP-_
Ipoker :BiggestNitAround and s1rsjarles

We started working with Mads Pedersen / MadsMp in May 2016. We had continuous issues with Mads not being able to follow his buyin limits. Mads then took $8.2k and used it to play $500 HU SNGs for himself. It did not go well.

We came to an agreement where he'd coach players and play much lower once he had settled some personal issues. Since that agreement MadsMp has shown himself completely unreliable in terms of coaching and working off his debt. He's broken several other parameters of the agreement as well.

Mads Pedersen has also been very unresponsive to communications as we try to work out a mutually agreeable deal to get this situation resolved and for both parties to move on.

We would strongly advise everyone to avoid working with Mads Pedersen in any capacity.
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Old 01-11-2019, 05:44 PM   #4558
Michael Buble
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by r00BBee1991 View Post
can t believe all those scammers and i can t find a stable wtf
Try Standard Backing. From what I see at the tables they back everyone with a screen and a mouse.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by Suhlm2 View Post
Name: Zi Jung
ACR: LeggoPoker1
True: MayaNormusHughJass
Amount: $500 unpaid in a Paypal for P2P deal

Basically Zi and I had been "friends" and he wanted help loading money on the site so he paypal me $750 but it sent as an echeck. The funds had not been cleared into my acct, but he insisted I send and we had done several smaller deals so I did. The echeck was taking weeks so we agreed to cancel and he'd resend normal way. He sent me $350(stating hed send rest when echeck returned), of which he asked me to send him $100 P2P and I said ok

Then he stopped returning my messages, dodging my phone call, and so I sent him a message saying I think youre scamming me. Now this set him off on a tirade where he absolutely lost it and now is refusing to send me the $ owed. He's gone so far as to blast stuff I had told him as friends about my personal life when I see him at tables. Just thought I'd post this here to warn others and see if possibly anyone knows Zi and could help reason with him. This is obv a cliff notes cersion of it and I'd be more than willing to provide all screenshots from both skype and text.
Zi has begun communications with me and is paying the money back. It was a misunderstanding in a lot of ways that led to the fall out and ensuing non payment. I believe this has been sorted and the op can be deleted.
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