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Transaction Feedback & Disputes For 2+2ers to provide feedback (positive AND negative) and settle disputes with regard to transactions (sales, swaps, stakes, etc.) between 2+2 members.

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Old 09-29-2018, 11:17 AM   #4501
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Tcaciuc Mihail
Country: Romania
City: Buzau
Stars: bluffeverytm

Tcaciuc gave me a few problems during the deal. He often played the wrong games. He complained frequently. I tried to do things to help him but nothing really worked. In the end I had enough of feeling like I was babysitting him more than I was staking him. I decided I no longer wanted to continue working with him. I was willing to eat the make up remaining and just asked him to ship back the funds in the account. He told me he was away in Italy and could not login to his account. I waited a couple of months for his vacation (not sure if that was a lie to) to end after which he promised he would ship me back the funds. After a couple of months had passed, I noticed he had resumed playing on Stars by checking his Sharkscope. I was already pretty tilted that he had not contacted me but left it for me to contact him when he is owing me money and I had already waited patiently for him to come back from his "vacation". He didn't reply for several days, only when I threatened to go public did I get a response, more or less instantly. He basically said I will get the money and I shouldn't worry as it was not "a big sum of money". When I would get it, he wouldn't say. He gave me no further details . He had played a bunch of MTTs since his "vacation" so some of it went on that at least. I asked for him to give me some dates so we would have a definite payment plan and I wouldn't just have to put up with months more of bs with no repayment, he went silent again. Tcaciuc Mihail is a liar, a scammer and a thief.

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Ash phonetically
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Hayden Smith, Hayden Tumaru, may use others
Country: New Zealand
City: Dunedin, maybe other
Stars: dtroitwt, may use others

in December 2014/January 2015, dtroitwt had low 5 figure makeup and asked for a reload and a loan. I provided him with 1k on stars and that was the last time i heard from him. Had previously lived with this guy for 2 years and considered him a good friend. I had heard he moved to Australia to work (from someone else, not him), however his sharkscope indicates he has been playing recently. Please do not stake, and PM me if you need any further details.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

name:Pedro Henrique Megali
city: Belo Horizonte, Brasil
skype name: pedrosavassi
pokernames: Petermtv poker stars... aamulekk full tilt...
aamulekkdosUSD party poker.... vamoforrabruto

The short answer is that we had a contract to play up to 5.50$ and a few pre-approved 11$ games (see print screen from contract)

He misclick registered into a 215$ which we forgave him for and did not charge him for. he later misclicked registered another 61 touranments above his approved buy in range.

We discussed with him that we couldnt have him doing this. he admitted he was aware of the limits in place and awknowledge he wasnt suppose to play touranments over 11$.

We asked for him to transfer back the money left in his account as we did not trust him to continue. He did do this, so hes not a scammer by any means. just untrustworthy.

In our stable we reserve the right to charge the entire buyin amount for "misclicks" and other unapproved games played. if they play a 215$ unapproved and win it, i get 215$ from them (win or lose) + a freeroll from the profit. before putting this in place there were far too many misclicks in the stable most of which i believe were intentional..

He made no effort to repay any % of the unapproved games. not even the 800$+ he lost that should not have been lost.

at this point, he stopped responding. we had a mutual friend who referred him to me discuss the situation. he eventually started ignoring this friend as well. he no longer has any contact what so ever and has not finalized any of the info for the audit i provided him

NOTE*** he is not a scammer. we don't even necessarily think he's a bad person, but he is a terrible horse and a ****ty friend and as soon as he was faced with any difficult decisions, he just disappeared with the remaining money he owed.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Carlos Alberto Salles Cunha Nacimento Salles2312
888: Salles2312
Party: salles2312 salles2383

Carlos played games he was not authorized to play in June and July. He missed both our study and volume requirements in August. We gave him a warning and encouraged him to meet our milestones/agreement. In September he was not even close to hitting our agreement milestones.

We chose to part ways with Carlos. We asked him to return the $457.95 Pocarr cash he held and set up a repayment plan for the $2024.32 remaining makeup. We have sent him messages on Skype, Facebook, and via Email. We have not received any response and not received any money.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Matthias Van Landeghem
Usernames: RunGoodYeah (PS) I*Float*Pre (.FR)

Had Matthias as part of my stable for a ~year, starting from May 2016. Was always impressed with his ability to masstable and positivity. But around May of 2017, he had accumulated ~$16,000 in MU (including loans) and was no longer able to play due to a combination of medical and legal issues. Additionally, he had cashed out the remaining bankroll ($740) without consent.

He told me about this, apologized, and moved back home to be closer to his family/get help. At the time I didn't post because the situation felt different than others, in that I believed he was truly sorry and determined to pay the money back. He had no plans to play poker in the near future and if/when he did, he was going to message me so I felt that a post in this thread wasn't necessary at that time.

However, in hindsight, I should have posted here about the situation. Recently it came to my attention that he had started playing for another group and while to the best of my knowledge he was a model horse for them, I did a disservice by not posting here and letting them know about his history with my stable.

Matthias owes $15,800.

At the top I spoke about his positivity/my read on him being truly sorry, and because of that I have decided to give him a second chance. Hopefully he will be able to not only pay back his debts, but clear his name and establish good standing in the community. We're currently on a 1.5 month trial basis and regardless of what happens, I will update this at the conclusion of the period.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

@jakobgold why aren't you making horses limit buyins on the clients so that misclicking large buyins is impossible? seems like a good way to go about it.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

semi serious question which im probably in the wrong thread.
those scammer websites... is there a cost or an effort to make those?

genuinely curious
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

well you have to pay domain registration, hosting and make the actual website but you could probably get it done for $50-$100 for 1 year. If you do what POCAR has been doing lately and just make the you save on all the costs so you could do it for free that way. If you have never made a website before there is a bit of a learning curve but making a basic website is pretty simple.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Yes, pretty much 0$ if you use free hosting services like where you get subdomain like funnycatsand****

But if you want hosted .com website:
Domain is 10$ per year. (With some promotions prob can get for 5-8$)
Shared hosting plan is most expensive and usually cost 30-60$/year range but note that you can use same hosting plan for multiple websites so you might pay 50$/year for 20 websites if you need that many. (Simple shared hosting for websites with very low traffic).
You can also use free hosting with blog services like ect. for your domain if you want to be even cheaper.

Making website is totally free with scripts like wordpress, if you do some basic learning from youtube or similar you should be good to go in day or 2.
There is probably tons of guys who will make simple scammer wordpress websites for 10-20$ or something everywhere if you don't want do it yourself.

So super cheap and even cheaper if you do multiple websites.

P.S. Bit off topic but if website shares private details about EU citizen, more or less any EU citizen whose information is shared can get this website removed from search engine results and potentially from hosting service itself and/or take down domain under GDPR regulations.

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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Stars: Domasasas
Party: Hold_My_Nuts777
WPN: Domasasas
Country: Lithuania
City: Kaunas

We started working with Domasasas in August 2015.

In June 2017 , he withdrew $569 without permission, afterwards telling us:
[6/5/2017 1:47:13 AM] Domasasas: Hi,
It is hard for me even start explanation.
I did some bad thing. Was drinking and partying 2 days, never do that, in that time I was playing some in casino, going in to clubs, half of that I do not even remember.
During that time I cashout money from pokerstars acc total $569 .I feel very bad about it do not have good explanation for that, when I wake up, started realize what I have done.
Now fell very bad about it. I do not think I have big alcohol problem, drinking maybe 5-6 times in a year, would never do such a thing while I am not drunk.
Since this is the first time that anything like this had happened in 3 years we decided to continue working with him.

In August 2018, he sent us this:
[8/15/2018 1:42:06 PM] Domasasas: On sunday had very big problem. Saturday late night was having a party with my friends, when we went to my summer house on sunday. I do not know what got in to me but was driving my car when i was drunk and had a accident, only good think that nobody get hurt, but if police would be called 100% i would lost my job and would be having very big problems. So agreed to pay 1000 eur for a guy not to call police + for car damage. Had some of my own money, but had to cash out $600 on sunday from pokerstars account. At that time that was best solution i could came up with, needed to act fast to safe my self from that situation.
We decreased his limits, and lowered how much money he'd have in his account. Within a month Domasasas had disappeared, blocking all contacts on skype, facebook etc. and refusing to reply to any communications. He presumably stole all the funds in his accounts as well.

Including loans , makeup and stolen funds, Domasasas owes us $33.3k
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Pokerstars Screenname: joancr13
Real name: Joan Garay Pastor
Skype: live:joancr137
Country: Peru
Owes: $2.3k makeup

Quit in makeup and promised to pay back balance. Nothing received so far and is actively playing on Pokerstars.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Tsukalenko Pavel (Цукаленко Павел Василиевич)
PokerStars: Pablo238
Party: forrestGamp
888: SharkForrestRun 23RunForestRun

Stole ~$5,000. Our losses did not match Sharkscope. We reached out to a friend of his who confirmed that he has stolen. We are waiting for a response but felt the need to post immediately.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

user paid it back

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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Carlos Ronielle do Vale Nascimento
PartyPoker: crazy_ferasi11
888: ellocoferasi
PokerStars: ellocoferasi
WPN: ellocoferasi
iPoker: ellocoferasi
PartyPoker: lokofera
888: roniellesi

After auditing Carlos and finding some discrepancies, he admitted to withdrawing (stealing) money. We chose to part ways in February 2018 and set up a repayment plan for the money stolen + makeup. He repaid without issue through August 2018. He has missed the last 3 months of payments.

Carlos still owes us $3,250.
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old hand
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**


Cardschat username: amuna1225
Relevant poker site usernames: AJ1992 (BCP), Amuna1992 (ACR), AJ1225 (BetOnline), AJ1992 (SportsBetting Poker), Amuna1225 (Intertops Poker).
Real Name: Aiman Jarrar
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Link to Stake (Scam) Thread:

Description: Staked him for $30 to play $3.30 and under MTTs + $0.55 On Demands on Black Chip Poker. After a bad start to the stake, he ran the roll up to $100+. Within 12 hours, he had played $80 worth of tournaments that were not agreed upon for the stake, bricking all. He owned up to his mistake and said he would pay back. After I sent him a payment plan, Aiman went silent and according to Sharkscope, has been playing on other poker sites without my knowledge using his own money, in a clear attempt to try and gamble his way back to paying the debt in full while having not made any payments to me. Disgusting.

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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by msusyr24-new View Post
Name: Daniel Miraki
Stars: Olempia

Dan could not meet our volume or study requirements while finishing up school.

Dan had not played for weeks, was not using our resources, and played an off-stake MTT which is not permitted under our agreement.

We had a phone call and agreed to part ways with him owing us $0 in makeup and only needing to return the $100 he had in his account to us (our money).

It has now been 3 weeks since we had this phone call and Dan has had many excuses. It has been 8 weeks since he last played an on-stake MTT for us.

At this point we're still waiting to receive our money back, the off-stake $44 played (his last game played) looks sketchy (possibly used our funds), and it's time to post that we cannot suggest backing this individual in the future.
Daniel is currently PM'ing our players and asking for a "reload". We do not stake him and haven't since I made the above post in 2017.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by msusyr24-new View Post
Daniel is currently PM'ing our players and asking for a "reload". We do not stake him and haven't since I made the above post in 2017.

Hey, another member of the stable hijacked my skype and went through this abuse. I can prove it with our conversation, i had no info of old stable members and all were deleted but one Scott which is now resigned, so the same person that hijacked me had info about your group and people inside it to add them and pm them.
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Old 11-25-2018, 09:58 PM   #4518
See my staking thread
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by CaliStyle View Post
Was contacted by Marius right after this post initially went out to try and work something out which was in October. Since that time I have not heard from him at all. This issue has not been resolved.
The issue with Marius Bogdan stars name spydex has still not been resolved. I am posting this again here because multiple backers have notified me Marius is trying to get a stake before resolving issues with me. He blocked me on skype and will no longer communicate after I refused to accept a take it or leave it offer he gave which accounted for 8% of the total money he owed based on our original agreement. Marius Bogdan is still a player to NOT stake and cannot be trusted to follow any guidelines given to him for a staking arrangement. This whole situation could have easily been avoided with Marius had he conducted himself even in a semi-professional manner.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Zi Jung
ACR: LeggoPoker1
True: MayaNormusHughJass
Amount: $500 unpaid in a Paypal for P2P deal

Basically Zi and I had been "friends" and he wanted help loading money on the site so he paypal me $750 but it sent as an echeck. The funds had not been cleared into my acct, but he insisted I send and we had done several smaller deals so I did. The echeck was taking weeks so we agreed to cancel and he'd resend normal way. He sent me $350(stating hed send rest when echeck returned), of which he asked me to send him $100 P2P and I said ok

Then he stopped returning my messages, dodging my phone call, and so I sent him a message saying I think youre scamming me. Now this set him off on a tirade where he absolutely lost it and now is refusing to send me the $ owed. He's gone so far as to blast stuff I had told him as friends about my personal life when I see him at tables. Just thought I'd post this here to warn others and see if possibly anyone knows Zi and could help reason with him. This is obv a cliff notes cersion of it and I'd be more than willing to provide all screenshots from both skype and text.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Aleksei Babenko (Бабенко Алексей Алексеевич)
GaladrieLua (PartyPoker)
GaladrieL|ua (PokerStars)
Mr.Mrs.Potter (PokerStars(FR-ES-PT))
No_Pasaran_ (PartyPoker)

Three weeks into backing Aleksei we were informed by another backer that they also back him...

Aleksei owes us $300.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Tiberiu-Mihai Grigore
Stars: Tibikuss
Winamax: gelutzu_4u
888Poker: 0Hask0

Tibi stole money. He had many opportunities to come forward. Even after asking for an audit he did not say anything. After we found discrepancies in the audit he admitted stealing. Tibi sent us the audit we requested but did not say anything and was hoping we would miss this.

We've asked for a repayment plan for <50% of makeup and have given him 90 days to send the first payment so that he has time to find a job. We will update if this gets repaid.

$6,500 to be repaid at $200/mo - first payment to be by March 5th.
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LFG Staking Rep
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Name: Hrvoje Pesut
Pokerstars: Hrvoje1712
888: hrvoje1712

We've been working with Hrvoje Pesut for about 7 weeks, 3 of them where he disappeared and have completely fallen off of contact. For now we recommend to tread carefully, and to stay away from working with him. He stole for a total of 50 Euros.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Hello, my name is Hrvoje Pesut and I worked in the group with Goran Mandic (mandza17) and Sasa Ikac. (LFG Staking).
I made a living for myself by playing in 3 poker groups in 5 years of my modest career. I worked with the 5,6 bosses who led me then, many coaches and I was in the group with over a hundred players. And in 5 years we didnt have even the smallest problem in the transfer money, atmosphere in the group and every player was treated equally.
During that career I have never seen a worse atmosphere than it was in LFG's staking. In 4 weeks I have experienced more of the bad treatment than in 5 years of work with 3 different groups. They treat you as a robot, which you need to print money. And they also admitted a few times that didn't like me from the beginning.
With 3 of these 5 bosses, I became one of the best friends, we helped whenever we could. Came face to face every time it was needed because that is what everyone in this business needs. Support people around ourselves for the player and the boss to maintain a positive atmosphere in the group and better prepare for upcoming ups and downs. This job is a very tough, and the support from the players' superiors means more than any conquering money. They didn't know to speak with the players on basically.
Although, the contract stated that coaching would be twice a week, they were short and not so interesting. They did not want to provide programs that would help us in the game. Although they took me through the referrals and did not know that I did not have enough money, they refused to loan me when I asked them if I can get from them $ 200 for rent, if I dont bink anything in the next 10 days. After I tell them that they should think about it, that will reduce the pressure from the players who are in though time, they threatened me with GG.
They gave me a few times some kind of random warnings for the sake of the little things and they played out the force without any special reason. We had some disagreement over general work in group, and every time I did not agree with it, they threatened to throw me out.
After we had agreed mutual termination , I had $ 2,000 in the account, split a few bucks and sent them everything I had at that time on the accounts. They accused me of stealing their money after they did not check their transfers.
I went out to meet them and gave them all the data with all the accounts, though I did not have to let them check it all. It lasted for several days.
$ 50 for which they accuse me of not returning them is still on the bill and I will return it.
For a few days I've been thinking of what my response should be to this.
I know that this forum does not read random players who will enter them, but will help some. I wish them all the best, and I think that every player in their group deserve to be threaten as equal to them, not like fk animals and robots.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

A lot of faulty claims in here:

-First Hrovje was referred to us and didn't go through our selection process which is our own mistake, that's something we won't deny.
-He was treated more unfairly which partially semi true, this is because we at LFG have 0% tolerance to bad beat and whining. He didn't follow the rules multiple times and we warned him. Interestingly I can provide Skype chat logs where people that understand the language can see that he is the only one sending bad beats and whines the whole time.
-Another faulty claim and actually a lie is that we didn't provide any programs? We never said you'll get any program from us as we don't have programs that aren't on the market. We gave him ranges that he didn't stick to and that is recorded on video.

For Hrvoje, it felt that he has some old habits that he developed in the past and that isn't met with us, normally in our questionnaire we also ask about the financial status of our candidates and base our decision on that as well. Since he was recommended to us he didn't go through the normal procedure so he based his past experience as standard and asked us to pay for his rent which we as a company at this stage simply don't do. He didn't behave nicely and went on a rant about how it's supposed to be done, what are we expecting and in general shared his opinion. We disagreed on this and he still stayed with us(chat logs/screenshots available).

Next thing we told him, don't play turbos he said he can't do that and we agreed to part ways. All of a sudden he started the cash-out process without our instructions. In the process we were pretty harsh on him as SS balance and PS BR we're huge difference as it was almost 130BI for 3.3$. After checking the audit we saw that he was correct but realized he transferred money between his accounts without our approval. He didn't take any money for himself but LFG paid 2-3% vig on XE rates which we try to reduce as much as possible, he is to this day the only player in LFG that did this(sample 17 players). Due to this action that we didn't approve we deducted the XE fee from his profit split when we parted ways.

It's true that we were harsh on him during the deal termination, but he is the one who used derogatory words from gypsy, little Jews and the whole rant(chat logs available).After that he sent back most of the balance that he owed us besides the 50EUR. I've contacted him numerous time(5times to be precise-chat logs available) from 12.11.2018. and he didn't reply. Now he was almost 5x time faster in response although in my messages I was warning him that I don't want to do it publicly but he doesn't leave me any choice, now here we are where we wish we wouldn't have been. In general the whole cooperation is partially also LFG faults as it was clear that we just aren't a match.

In terms of volume I can't say anything bad as he seem to be a solid grinder, for coaching we gave him 200min recorded 1-1 coaching and 1 session non recorded + 1 group coaching in his 3 weeks stay. Now other stable owners can make there opinion if this is a lot or not. To the topic of the coaching being not interesting, well that his personal view and right to feel that. In the end our results as a stable will do the talk. As a coach I can't tell if he was a good student as he didn't follow instructions/ranges and the proof is in the recorded videos. He is a player that has certain habits/opinions that he developed during the years and for any future staker this will be the key for a successful cooperation.

We wish him GL and looking forward to settle the requested amount soon.
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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Damage done to stable/owners by hrvoje1712 post have be way way more then 50$.

I am suprised that stable funders who have made hundreds of thousands $ in poker profit went over all this privately and publicly over 50$ and just did not let it go.
To anyone considering this stable, i personally think this is very big warning sign that all this happened (Even if described events is only partially true) over 50$ while there is more or less poker millionaires involved.

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