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06-07-2017 , 11:29 AM
Im very sad to have to put it here, but is for alert all the poker market.

Leo Bello, very knowed poker player from Brazil.

Leo is suspect to creat a Ponzi Scheme to collect money from investors using his image and at a last moment, good reputation.

Leo are a kind profitable old regular, that run a profitable stable also in Brazil, with more than 40 horses.

At some points, Leo ask to friends and other poker players to invest at his business, and for more than 2 years paying correctly.

No one suspect since his team are very profitable, had profits around 50k only in first semester of 2017.

Leo Bello has a luxury lifestyle living in one of most expensives points in Rio, doing many travels to Europe, etc.

He also writer of some portuguese poker books in past, that had some decent sales.

At some point, Leo start to ask for many guys to put more money or loan to him money that he can pay for month with some return, or pay with a some time a higher market rate.

People start suspect he ask for this money to pay old investor, turning it on a Ponzi scheme.

Btw his team still profitable and we discovery that the profits are hold in his account and also his players are in debit.

So, today the amount is close to 300k usd and growing, that affect more than 40 investors. (that suspect also he over sold shares of team for lot guys).

Leo Bello also as former Doctor, and we suspect he has some patrimony and property, what are under investigation.

In these days, he have decreed was broke, and do not have how to pay the amount, but will look a way to pay.

But, few days ago still asking people for more money.

If at some point Leo Bello pay his debt, I ask to exclude this topic.

Thanks for community.

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