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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Tough spot with QQ

Hi guys,

Villain: recently got change to villains table, he limped twice as UTG and he showed Js Ts in one hand and the other folded on the flop. Id say hes loose preflop based in little information.

Live tournament at my local casino. $20 buy in + $20 add on. Total pool prize: $2200, 5 places paid. Blinds (10,000/20,000). 17 people left in two tables.

Villain: MP 620,000 (31 BB)
Hero: UTG 485,000 (24.25 BB)

Preflop: Hero is MP with Q Q
UTG calls 20,000, 3 folds, Hero raises to 80,000, all folded action back to UTG, UTG calls 60,000

Flop: (190,000) 2 3 J
UTG shoves for 540,000, Hero calls all in for 405,000

It was such a weird line that the UTG shove, that i couldnt put him on any hand that made sense. If he would have had top pair good kicker, he wouldnt go all in. In the small amount of hands that I saw him play he took a very passive line. The range that i assign him was either set of deuces, threes or total air. But if it was a set, why would he go all in and miss a ton of value, only A J, JJ ++ will call. Plus the fact that prior to this hand I had check raise villain in the river and he folded, he asked me what I had and I told him that he shoulve called me if he wanted to see, he got a little bit tilt.

So after thinking a lot, i called and received the bad news, villain had pocket 3s, and I end up busting the tournament. After the hand I realized that took that line because he was scared of the flush draw.

How could I have played better this hand? Was my sizing pre-flop bad for a live tournament? Knowing that he will only have set of deuces, threes, or total air, would it be a bad fold in the longrun based in the information I had?
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Re: Tough spot with QQ

My bad, Villain is UTG and Hero is MP
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Re: Tough spot with QQ

2 pair is highly unlikely from villian as J2 J3 and 23 shouldn't be in his limp calling range. So a set or top pair, and most of the time when I see this it's more often then not a J. I believe the hand played itself out, very difficult to get away from an overpair in a low buy in tournament, especially live. Now if there was an ante of let's say 3000 per player, we're looking at 30 from the blinds, 20 from UTG, and 21 for the antes if we're seven handed there's close to 70k in there, all in pre flop may have been the better move.
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Re: Tough spot with QQ

Any time a passive player suddenly makes a very aggressive move you have to take notice. But I still don't think I could get away from it.
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The Colonial
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Re: Tough spot with QQ

Just a cooler
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