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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Question about "donkaments"

I'm primarily a live player -- evenly split between low stakes cash NLHE and low/mid-stakes MTTs (e.g. $300-500 WSOPC events). I am preparing to move to Lima, Peru and was there this past week checking out the city. I am hoping to play live poker there and was originally thinking I would just play cash games like I do here in the states. However it appears that the rake structure makes the games potentially unbeatable. The other option is the so-called "donkaments" ($100-200 buy-in tournaments with small fields and very fast structures) that are held at several casinos in the city. In the past I haven't really taken these types of tournaments seriously due to the structures. They basically seem like a hybrid between a poker tournament and a scratch-off ticket. However I have been thinking more about it, and I am wondering if I have written these tournaments off prematurely. The Lima donkaments only have a 10% rake, which I believe is lower than WSOPC events. And I would expect the level of play to be pretty bad. So now I'm thinking that while it may be true than any one individual donkament is a crap shoot, if I play a lot of them it might actually be a winning proposition. Since the structures are so fast, I would expect the average players (who probably haven't done any serious poker study) to be making a lot of glaring errors as the structures progress, which might make these tournaments a pretty good proposition. If so, I plan to immediately switch the focus of my self-studying from cash games to tournament theory so that I can maximize my edge over the fields in these tournaments.

So what do y'all think? Does my thought process make sense? Does playing a large number of these tournaments represent a good use of my time and bankroll? And if so, what are some suggestions for reorienting my own poker studies to reflect my changed focus?

Thanks for your time and advice!
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