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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Leia Amidala
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How to use Bounties on Final Tables

Say the total prize pool is 100$.

A player with a 10$ bounty shoves and we cover him. HRC calcualtes that when we call we have a 20% equity in the total prize pool. And when we fold we have a 21% equity in the current prizepool Which clearly suggests a fold.

But lets now look at the 10$ bounty. Say the current prize pool 500$.

Our push_eq was: 20% of 500 = 100$. But if we call and we win. We also get the bounty of 10$, making it 110$. (assuming its not a PSKO)

Question: is it good to now conclude that our knockout push-eq equals:

HRC push eq + bounty/total_prizepool

or in this example: 0.2 + 10/500 = 0.22 ( 0.22 * 500$ = 110$)

In which cast its now a call.


ps. i am also thinking should we somehow take in to effect that when we call and loose we can no longer win any bounties (apart from the main prizepool)

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Re: How to use Bounties on Final Tables

If you're at a stage when your $EV is 10x more than the bounty, having the bounty in play is going to make very little difference to your all in decisions as you've correctly calculated.

For tourneys with normal bounties, the EV decisions are only effected by bounties before the money or once you've made a mincash and there's no big payjumps for a while.

Once you're so high up in the money tree, the bounties are insignificant.
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