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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Final table of 27 man live

20 minute blinds

We are 8 handed 1k/2k

Me, utg raises to 4K with AhQh
Folds to sb who raises all-in for 31k
27k for me to call.

My image is a loose aggressive.

Villains image is slightly tighter than me and very aggressive. Very good player who I've played a lot of hands vs. Does make moves and is capable of being a little light here sometimes.

I know info is not great, but what 3b shove range do you put villain on? He started hand with 15.5bb?

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Re: Final table of 27 man live

I think this is towards the bottom of my calling range, particularly if you've got a loose image. Villain is going to have a fair amount of PPs that we're flipping against as well as possibly AJ, AT and KQs
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