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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Did I make a bad fold?

Playing in a live tournament. $30 with 1 rebuy/add-on 20k starting stack. Blinds 100/200. Utg limps 2 other players limp. I'm on the button and raise to 600 with Kd10d. Get 3 callers .flop comes kd 8d 3c. Checks to me I bet 1600. Utg goes all in for 9500, the other guy who has me covered called. He's a pretty passive player. I think about it for a while and I figure I'm either behind to a bigger kind and also might well be up against an A hight flush. I reluctantly fold and the all in player tables Ad5d and other player AK. Turn comes and 10 and river blank so I would have won. Did I make the right fold. Is it just a situation where I should just call and if someone has the nut flush draw then so be it
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Re: Did I make a bad fold?

Something is wrong. There are two Kd in that deck I'd leave that game. Definitely a call with top pair and fd.

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Re: Did I make a bad fold?

you should probably let the house know there are two Kd lol

but seriously it is tough to read when it's just a wall of text, sounds like you flopped top pair + a FD. i'm not folding, especially in a rebuy
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Re: Did I make a bad fold?

Don't make it 3x behind 3 limpers. You have absolutly 0 FE with that sizing, you pretty much don't accomplish anything, having the BTN is cool but in a 5way pot hitting the flop is even better. Either make it like 1200/1500 to get some folds or just limp behind.

Pair+FD is never a fold on the flop. In that particular specific case it was a good fold but there are too many other things in their ranges. You're a big favorite vs the nut flush draw, and you're flipping against KQ+... You can c-back the flop sometimes, you're either way way ahead or flipping vs Kx+ (not too many worse Kx), you lose value vs other FD and give a free card to some 2pairs/set draws but you can also induce good things and you have the only real draw (and it's cool in term of balance because we shouldn't have too many c-bets light at all and 99-JJ are always c-backs). But c-betting is fine obviously.
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