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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Call vs 20 bb EP shove - early stage $1 PS MTT

Apologies, but I don’t have a hand history since this didn’t actually involve me personally. I was playing in a $1 MTT with 1 re-entry. Rigtard at table used this hand as “proof” that PS is rigged. Rigtard is UTG+1 with 20bb stack. He’s been shoving with all kinds of crap, I would say any suited A, maybe A5o+ all suited broadway combos and some unsuited ones and any pocket pair. BB with 45 bb stack calls shove with KTo.

Rigtard loses runout and naturally goes off the deep end saying that this hand proves the site is rigged. Just for fun, I asked how one bad runout proves anything and he just went on about how BB made a terrible call and that he’s always getting beat by sinks making horrible calls like this one. I didn’t bother to point out that shoving crap with a 20bb stack probably had more to do with his losses than the so-called rigged site, but I did get to wondering whether BB’s call was really all that bad.

BB is risking 19 bb to win a pot of just over 41 bb (there were antes). He needs to win about 46% to call. I’m inclined to think he called a bit light here, but not by much. He’s either flipping vs small pp or has two live cards against most of rigtard’s range. Sure he’s dominated by AK or AT, but rigtard’s range likely includes QT and JT as well. Seems to me like it’s a much closer call than rigtard thinks (not that I’d place any stock in his opinion). Any thoughts?
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Re: Call vs 20 bb EP shove - early stage $1 PS MTT

Ehh, personally I'd just look for a better spot to accept the donation from the tilter. Absolutely no need to risk half of our stack with KTo.
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