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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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99 in SB Live $175 $100K GTD

Pretty early stages still. 25 minute blinds with 20k SS. We're in level 10 of a 2 day tournament. Blinds are 100/500/1000. 9 handed.

V1 (MP1) has about 35-38bbs. His range pre seems to be mostly on the premium side so I think he's a bit tight. His RFI is solid but I think he's been mostly card dead overall. Haven't seen him limp like most of the rest of the table has. Seems to be somewhat of a thinking player that understands ranges. He seems to be a bit on the passive side postflop from what I can tell.

V2 (CO) has about 3.5bbs. He's terribad. Limps a lot pre and plays passive post and wakes up with bets/raises on the river after he's already behind. With his stack size he's pretty much irrelevant.

V3 (BTN) has 19bbs. Biggest fish on the table. He'll definitely raise pre, but he also sometimes limp/calls OOP or calls 3bs OOP with Q7s and check-shoves his trips for 4x the pot. He's check-raised overshoved me a few times when I've cbet some of my air and top pair hands and I've mostly just given them up to him.

Hero covers all 3 with 60bbs. I have the most aggressive image on the table by far. Opening a decent amount. I've also squeezed a handful of times with all the overcalls, mostly with premiums, although I did win a hand once when I squeezed light on the BTN with 85s. I showed a 5 after my turn bet was folded to try to get some action. Interestingly enough, I r/f'd the next hand pre, then raised the next hand after that with KK and got no callers. Also 3b a few times. I have the perfect image currently.

On to the hand:

V1 raises MP1 to 2.4x. V2 puts in his last 3.5bbs. V3 calls the 3.5bbs. Hero is in SB with 99. Hero?


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Re: 99 in SB Live $175 $100K GTD

I probably just call and play for set value but that's because I'm a bit of a wimp and I hate playing middle pairs OOP after I've bloated a pot. But I'm torn because people have been backing down to your aggression up to this point so you could try for a big squeeze and get HU with the shorty.
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Re: 99 in SB Live $175 $100K GTD

My thought process was to either call and hope to see the V's play passive post or make a large enough squeeze to leverage V1 to have to shove or fold based on his stack (or play fit/fold with AK or AQ). A squeeze for me vs V1 would be a 3b/f situation.
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