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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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55 on the river

No Limit Hold'em Tournament T800/T1,600
Buy-in: $4.80+$5.00+$1.20 USD Hold'em No Limit
9 players
Formatted by Poker HUD for Mac and Windows

UTG - UTG (T49,256)
UTG+1 - Hero (T228,698)
UTG+2 - UTG+2 (T43,990)
MP - MP (T8,252)
MP2 - MP2 (T95,251)
CO - CO (T50,000)
BTN - BTN (T55,104)
SB - SB (T62,969)
BB - BB (T76,793)

Preflop: (T4,200, 9 players) Hero is UTG+1 with 5h 5d
1 fold, Hero raises to T3,680, 3 folds, CO calls T3,680, 2 folds, BB calls T2,080

Flop: 2c 3d 2s (T13,640, 3 players - CO: T46,120, BB: T72,913, Hero: T224,818)
BB checks, Hero bets T4,774, CO calls T4,774, 1 fold

Turn: Tc (T23,188, 2 players - CO: T41,346, Hero: T220,044)
Hero checks, CO bets T11,594, Hero calls T11,594

River: Jd (T46,376, 2 players - CO: T29,752, Hero: T208,450)
Hero checks, CO bets T29,752 (all-in)

should we be calling here?
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Re: 55 on the river

sometimes these bluff catching spots are tough to give advice on. That being said I would call.
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Re: 55 on the river

^^ yup. Especially when itís so difficult to find a range for villain without info on his stickiness pre and flop

I want to fire turn fairly big to push him off his equity and maybe even better pairs but maybe thatís a bit lagtardy
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