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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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2.50$ 180 turbo question

Can someone help me with these spots please i dont know if im just being a huge nit or not.

Last 18 we are chip leading with 30k, blinds are 500/1000. Folded round to us in the small blind with K8s. Big blind has around 13bbs. My thought process here is obviously K8s is way ahead of 2 random cards. However in my (limited) experience people can get pretty funky blind v blind. Even so, a fair percentage of the time (definitely +EV) villain folds. However i also feel atleast a noteworthy percentage(20-30% maybe more?) of the time villain is also going to call, and when called, we are never really doing better than a coinflip.

So i guess my question is this, in later stages of a turbo tourney such as this where we have what limited breathing room is available, do we ALWAYS have to push and take +EV spots? Is there any merit to folding here, declining the blinds and antes (which wouldnt be as huge for our stack at this point as opposed to if we were short). Should we have one eye on the final table? etc.

I shoved he called with K 10 and held and we busted soon after.
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Re: 2.50$ 180 turbo question

Other stacks and payjumps are important. Also his playstyle - has he been folding and looking to ladder?

K8s is most def a shove tho. We are shoving more than of hands here in a non-icm spot. With the chip lead vs a shorter stack probably even more.

When deep in 2.50ts it's important to pay attention to the two players on your direct left as stealing is v. important. You should be able to tell pretty quickly if they have a decent understanding of ICM and push/fold - if they don't then u can exploit even more because they'll be calling way tighter so we can shove wider from the BTN and SB. Also if they look like they are trying to fold to a FT or fold to a mincash we can exploit that too.

Dont be results oriented.
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Re: 2.50$ 180 turbo question

ok cheers mate
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Re: 2.50$ 180 turbo question

BVB play in MTTSNGs is a place where a lot of people are pretty uncomfortable and I think a place where if you make improvements you can really improve your ROI. Because of this I think employing a strictly pushfold stategy is, while an unexploitably winning play, one that will cut your winnings in the blinds compared to what they could be. While people can really mess up play in the blinds when it goes postflop, if you play pushfold people are pretty comfortable calling off relatively correctly. This is in stark contrast to later stage micro MTTs and especially micro MTTs on smaller sites than stars where a lot of people will call off much too tight.

There are a few factors that affect how to play from SB:

Stack Size
Hand Raw Equity/Postflop Playability
Opponents Tendencies
ICM Pressure

Stack Size:
Shorter Stack size should push you to be jamming more, especially 8bb and below. However arguments can be made for opening to 2.1ishbb at this stack size (ultra tight V or the open looks very strong). There is a thread somewhere where people explaining jamming ATC SB vs BB for <10bb is pretty much always +EV.

Hand Raw Equity/Postflop Playability:
The higher the equity and lower the postflop playability, the more a hand should be shoved. e.g. shoving A6o/K5o vs open 2.1x w/76s,K9s.

Opponents Tendencies:
Rather self explanatory but if V is a nit liberally jam, if V is weaker postflop then open 2.1x more. Side note: people know not to fold to a min from SB but will fold huge amounts to 2.1x/2.15x.

ICM Pressure:
Not much of an issue here but can become a reason to fold or shove depending on how deep the table and V and H are if we are late in the SNG.

In this exact situation I think both shoving and open raising to 2.1x with K8s are both fine but I would lean towards shoving. I think the most important question to be asking yourself here is what would you expect V to do with different categories of hands if you raise.
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