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Old 09-26-2021, 01:30 PM   #1
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Turn (+/- flop) decisions, flush-board HU

Still fairly early in low-nano buy-in Turbo STT (8-handed at this point).
Blinds at 25/50.

Hero is BTN with 1,510 in chips.
SB has 1,400 and no particular reads (hasn't seemed terrible).
BB has 2,265 in chips, similarly minimal reads.

Pre-Flop (pot 75): Hero is dealt Q8.
5 folds, Hero raises to 120, SB calls, 1 fold.

Flop (pot 290): Q84
SB checks, Hero bets 145, SB raises to 290, Hero calls.

^^^I think this is all pretty standard so far: standard opening hand from the BTN [and standard-sized open]; have a strong hand and want to charge FD's, so cbet is standard [though we could perhaps quibble about the size; don't think we want to go much smaller with FD, though]. Knowing he could be raising a FD, or pair+FD, gutter+FD, etc (and because raise is so small), call feels standard [or do you favour a shove?].
My plan in real-time was to call this, and likely call off any NON- turn.

Turn (pot 870): K
SB bets 990 and is all-in, Hero????
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Re: Turn (+/- flop) decisions, flush-board HU

I would just rip the flop. You'll have more suited diamond hands and villain can also have stuff like KQ with a diamond or whatever.
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Re: Turn (+/- flop) decisions, flush-board HU

You can open to only 2x as well, but 2.2x is fine I suppose.
If its a small stakes sit'n go, you can just jam the flop. You protect your hand this way and you will get called by worse anyways. As played, I call turn.
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