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Thoughts on this hand? Thoughts on this hand?

05-25-2023 , 05:18 PM
I have 11 BB late in a tournament.

I get dealt pocket fours (4c4d) from CO. Ante is .1 BB, UTG raises 2 BB, I raise pot with 8 BB. BB calls.

Flop is 7c,5c,8d.

Checks around.

Turn is a Jd.

BB goes all in.

I fold.
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05-26-2023 , 03:25 AM
don't ever put 70% of your stack in preflop and then fold - Preflop it's a jam or fold situation - it's a bit situation/read dependent - need more info ( no of players / stack sizes of UTG and other players /read on UTG/ ICM situation)
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05-26-2023 , 04:17 AM
Ignoring the decision to raise non-allin preflop (which does have some merit, assuming you don't screw up postflop)...

There is roughly 18bb in the middle on the flop. You have 3bb left. Your jam risks 3bb into a pot of 24bb when you get called. Assuming they never fold (you'd be surprised that some players will find a fold here) you need 12.5% equity vs the opponents range for a jam to be profitable. Even if they have a set you have a gutshot, and if they have a higher pair you have set outs aswell as the gutshot. Not to mention all the non-pair hands you are ahead of. Checking back to fold is a big mistake.
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05-26-2023 , 05:59 AM
Either jam pre or fold. At a full table I probably fold 44 to a UTG raise.

Putting that much of your stack (72%!) in and then folding (unless it's on a river bluff where you have zero equity) is always a mistake and usually a big one. If you somehow played it like this you should just put the rest in on the flop.
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05-27-2023 , 12:39 AM
I should add-- to get a definite answer whether to shove or fold pre, I would need the following information:

-Exactly how many people are left / how many runners
-How many people are at your table
-The stack distributions

Short version, if UTG has a lot of chips and is using the implied ICM pressure to open wide, I'm more inclined to shove. If UTG is one of those middling 20-25BB stacks that needs to be playing tight and knows that, I'm more inclined to fold.
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