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Qtr Million Freeroll steak for a good cause; I won't donate it all as I'm scammer Nick Rainey Qtr Million Freeroll steak for a good cause; I won't donate it all as I'm scammer Nick Rainey

03-28-2010 , 08:49 AM
Oh man I guessed I'm too late.
03-28-2010 , 08:51 AM
Thanks, Recieved + Registered.
GL All
03-28-2010 , 09:00 AM
GL, someone take it down. I'll watch, if it happens
03-28-2010 , 09:01 AM
thx turtle money received and registered. Gl to all in this thread
03-28-2010 , 09:14 AM
Can't believe I missed your last two staking threads. Guess just the weather is not the only bad thing about living in the uk. I'm also sleeping when these threads start. Gl all that are in and turtle, its a great thing that you are doing.
03-28-2010 , 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by MI_turtle Qtr Million Freeroll steak for a good cause; I won't donate it all as I'm scammer Nick Rainey
This is going to be a lot of fun each week and hopefully it is more then 46 most weeks. I emailed Stars to confirm that they would be matching all donations, cannot imagine them saying no, would have to tell the poor kids that PokerStars does not want to help them and that would be brutal.
LOL what a legend.

03-28-2010 , 09:22 AM
03-28-2010 , 09:50 AM

Would love to get on board this.
03-28-2010 , 09:50 AM
Hey Mi_Turtle thanks for the consideration. Ive had some problems with my brother logging in from my home computer so stars wanted me to send them some info. Did not know they disabled transfers to my account though. If you could try again and ask whats going on cause ive had money transfered to me in the past! Do not know why it isnt going if not thanks for the oppurtunity and hopefully when I get off my lazy asse and send in the info I can get staked. Thanks bud. NameOfDeGame
03-28-2010 , 09:59 AM
Mi_Turtle I see what the problem is I got one of there "Routine Security Checks" emails and they sent me 2 accounts that have been logged in on my home computer. I emailed them to explain and im confident youll be able to transfer. If you do not want to wait ill try again next week Nick. Thanks for the oppurtunity once again. NameOfDeGame
03-28-2010 , 10:19 AM
money received and I'm gonna play my heart out for the kids!
03-28-2010 , 10:24 AM

Top 47 finishes imo
03-28-2010 , 11:11 AM
Money received and I'll get reg'd a bit later on. I'll commit to 50% of my winnings every time I play this until I'm slightly less busto (I'm seriously very close to total and we'll see where it goes from there. I still love this whole idea and I hope we get some karmic run-good. Oh, if I go really deep and cash fairly big I'll donate 50% to the charity and some other amount to help get more people in the tournament too. This has major epic potential...
03-28-2010 , 11:23 AM
received and registered, gl me... may the upswing begin!
03-28-2010 , 11:35 AM
received and in!

someone take this downn! would be so sick
03-28-2010 , 12:25 PM
received and gonna register Mr turtle your the man and come on horses lets finish 2-47 and let Mr t take it down. Good luck every one
03-28-2010 , 12:32 PM
Received and registered thanks so much Nick, we need more folks like you in the poker world.
03-28-2010 , 12:33 PM
lol @ me drunk posting itt. hope my backer wont mind too much when i bink this and nothing else today! it is a good cause so i hope i run hot. 1x, etc.
03-28-2010 , 12:35 PM
props for doing this Nick
03-28-2010 , 12:58 PM
received and registered!
03-28-2010 , 01:54 PM

Are you willing to do a little extra organizing next week? I'd like to chip in a few stakes.

All my best,

03-28-2010 , 03:28 PM
gogogogogogo gl all
03-28-2010 , 03:30 PM
gl all!!!!
03-28-2010 , 03:36 PM
gl everyone. i've started with my traditional streak of folding every hand so far.
03-28-2010 , 03:43 PM
Won 2 decent pots with club flushes, 5.8k