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OFFICIAL wsop event 57 ,000 unlimited texas hold them world championship OFFICIAL wsop event 57 ,000 unlimited texas hold them world championship

07-06-2009 , 03:10 PM
Day 1d is now officially sold out

The Main Event registration is officially closed. All seats available on Day1D have been sold.

Final entrant numbers and prize pool information will be available late this evening after all reconciliation has been completed.

Thank you.
Apparently, they are using the poker room as well as Buzio's.
07-06-2009 , 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by nutshot2
no one said 1D would be 10-handed when the other days were 9-handed either. be dumber
You are right. Nobody could have known that day 1D would be the day with the most players, because in previous years day 1D was the one with the fewest players ... oh wait ...
07-06-2009 , 03:11 PM
They have three choices on what to do

1. Start 10 handed and go to 9 as soon as players bust (with 300 tables should take 4-5 hours)

2. Leave them 9 handed and replace players as they bust with a full stack, all players should be in by end of 3rd level (with 300 alternates)

3. Shut out players at 2,700

Neither 1 or 2 are ideal but both options are better than 3 IMO
07-06-2009 , 03:12 PM
My table got moved from buzzios to the buffet/poker room. How fun
07-06-2009 , 03:12 PM
bjltnyk confirms his table is 9-handed also
07-06-2009 , 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by Dantes
I was also bluffing in the hand where he folded 2 pr face up. I really liked my line there.
Lol you're nasty. I was so in shock when he showed me and folded. He was talking all day about big folds but I didn't think he was serious until I saw the TT hand lolol.
07-06-2009 , 03:15 PM
The original structure sheet on the wsop site implies that they could accommodate 3000 players on each day 1. this be wrong?
07-06-2009 , 03:17 PM

A bit late, but don't recall seeing any reports this year on "closing" day 1c/1d registration to try and fill the day 1a/b fields a bit.

They could do 3,000 if they went 10-handed, which wasn't done for the other ME days.
07-06-2009 , 03:17 PM
Wire the money in advance don't make me laugh. I've spent the last three weeks on the phone every day trying to get money out here fruitlessly because I'm not allowed to get access to my US dollars as a European citizen because of the US government.

Plus there was the Bellagio Cup day 1/2s and my cold which I'm trying to recover from. I'm not a mind reader, how do I know it's likely to sell out?- why didn't they give a heads up on this on 1b/1c if it was so predictable? It's also the attitude of the suit- walking off like that.
07-06-2009 , 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by bugstud
in previous years they would have stopped reg'ing day 1d at 1500 and made the others get to like 1200+ before reopening it. like the one thing they've punted.
It looks like everyone employed the workaround to this - by simply registering late.

Last year's Day 1b was also held on July 4th. I understand wanting to place the four Day 1s on the weekend to maximize the ease for recreational players (last year was Thu-Sun), but after last year's low July 4th turnout and the impending debacle this year's placement caused, I gather that letter to Jeffrey Pollack, if it ever happens, needs to have the suggestion that the Main Event not start until July 5th, weekend start days be damned, or, what could potentially be the case for next year since July 4th, 2010 falls on a Sunday, is to have the four start days go from the Wednesday to Saturday prior and make the 4th an off-day.
07-06-2009 , 03:20 PM
From DrPauly's Twitter:

Main Event Day 1D = SOLD OUT by 11am. Several big names shut out: Brandon Adams, TJ CLoutier, Patrik Antonius & Sully Erna
07-06-2009 , 03:22 PM
Exactly, it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy, no matter what they did, people will bitch.

If they let ppl in and play 10 handed "WAHHHHHHHHHHH, we have to play 10 handed, no one else did, no fair"

If they shut ppl out "WAHHHHHHHHH, I only knew I wanted to play 7/6 for 9 months, couldn't be bothered to reg before today, no fair!"

If they freeze 1D registration until the other days fill "WAHHHHHHH, I want to play 1D, don't want to play on the 4th no fair!"

I played one event this year - Event 51. I thought it might sell out, so I pre-regged. Guess what, it sold out, yet I had a seat!! Amazing what pre-planning does.

Not trying to rub in anyone's face who is frustrated, but everyone wants to blame the mean ol' big company, when the facts are people would bitch no matter what Harrah's did here.
07-06-2009 , 03:23 PM
Pro players should have known better. It was pretty obvious a couple of days ago that either poker had suddenly taken a huge hit, or everyone was waiting until after the July 4th holidays to play.
07-06-2009 , 03:26 PM
Brandon Adams, TJ CLoutier, Patrik Antonius & Sully Erna
sure the poker world will miss Erna playing
07-06-2009 , 03:28 PM
If anyone who's been shut out is a Harrah's 7-Star Rewards Card Member I'd bring it up immediately - Harrah's will bend ass-backwards and break rules if need be to get you in. Maybe even so for their Diamond members as well.
07-06-2009 , 03:32 PM
love to see that hand history
150/300 a25. Effective stacks 30k. Non spewy 3/6 cash game player limps utg, HJ limps, I see 77 in CO, think about raising but have raised limpers twice already and got butt raped on flops so I decide to limp, sb and bb limp and check option. Flop 973 2 diamonds. Bingo. BB leads for 1k, sb doesn't take much time to rejack to 2.7k. HJ folds. I haven't really been out of the line and BB has only 11k total so there's a chance he reships so I just flat with middle set. He calls the 1.7k raise.

Turn is 6d, completing flush draws and T8. **** card. Check, check. I check behind.

River 3s. So final board is 97d36d3d . BB leads for 5k of his 11k stack, utg thinks for a bit before putting in a big pile of chips that have me covered. I hollywood a bit but really can't put him on anything other than 99 or 33. End up folding, BB folds as well claiming he had the flush. UTG doesn't show but tells me mulitple times he had 99 which I'm 99.9% sure he wasn't lying since I talked with him on a few breaks and after the day was over.
07-06-2009 , 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by Kevmath

A bit late, but don't recall seeing any reports this year on "closing" day 1c/1d registration to try and fill the day 1a/b fields a bit.

They could do 3,000 if they went 10-handed, which wasn't done for the other ME days.
I know they were considering going 10 handed and even alternates?

Not sure why they didn't??
07-06-2009 , 03:32 PM
anyone know anything about how david oppenheim plays?
07-06-2009 , 03:34 PM
I hate you shaun f deeb.

Just sayin
07-06-2009 , 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by marek_heinz
sure the poker world will miss Erna playing
I find him to be quite annoying, but in recent years he has actually done better in the main event than the other players mentioned.
07-06-2009 , 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Kevmath
pretty amazing...i still can't understand why people wait until the last min to register...especially for this event...
07-06-2009 , 03:36 PM
damn why couldn't people pre-reg while knowing the last day was usually the busiest I kind of feel for some of them
07-06-2009 , 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by Jetto
damn why couldn't people pre-reg while knowing the last day was usually the busiest I kind of feel for some of them
Some people, MANY people try to get in last minute through satellites, megas, and piecing them self out due to bankroll inadequacies. Players trying to get in up to the last minute has happened EVERY year since the WSOP began!!!!!
07-06-2009 , 03:44 PM
Didn't they run a mega at like 8am this morning? Wonder when that was over and if the winner(s) were able to register in time.
07-06-2009 , 03:45 PM
Updating numbers:

Day 1a 2009 - 821 of 1116 remaining - 73.56% of field remaining
Day 1b 2009 - 655 of 873 remaining - 75.03% of field remaining
Day 1c 2009 - 1,106 of 1,696 remaining - 65.21% of field remaining (1 additional level played)

Other numbers:

2008 Day 1a - 1,297
2008 Day 1b - 1,158
2008 Day 1c - 1,928
2008 Day 1d - 2,461

As of right now, if Harrah's holds to this 2700 cap for today's 1d, if the percentage of field remaining at the end of the day were to be the same as it was yesterday, then ~1,760 runners will survive the day, leaving Day 2b with, at the moment, ~2,866 runners and the need to play 10-handed anyway.

Running the numbers, if the cap were increased to the originally advertised 3,000 - and the bustout rate ended up the same as yesterday, there'd be ~1,956 runners left, which would end up putting Day 2b over capacity at ~3,066.

Clearly, some form of drastic change will be needed for next year, be it move the Day 1s off July 4th, or maybe the Todd Terry suggestion of closing registration altogether for the tournament during Day 1a, or better management and making it a priority to fill up Days 1a and 1b with those who pre-register before 1c and 1d, or some combination thereof.

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