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06-09-2024 , 06:18 PM
MP Opens 2x off 30bb. HJ flats off 15bb. We have AQo on the button with 30bb. WYD?

Late reg just ended, so still a ways away from ITM
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06-09-2024 , 06:59 PM
I would make it 8x.

If MP jams I might fold but likely call and hope we are against JJ/TT but mostly it will be AK/KK. If MP folds and HJ jams its a call (probably up against a PP like 88).

I also don't hate a call pre-flop. It just rarely works out for me. If MP is really tight then I might just call.
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06-10-2024 , 03:23 PM
I think 3-bet to like 7-8x is probably best. I tend to rip in AQo and 99-10 in 30bb squeeze spots like this, which I did. I think it’s fine, but maybe the non all in is better. Especially in softer fields. When I do 3-bet AQo I’d fold to the OR.
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06-11-2024 , 02:50 AM
What's the buyin?

A standard 3-bet is OK but I'm also fine just shoving and taking the chance in a turbo. Especially since you'll get goofy **** sometimes on Global like the HJ calling your 3-bet and then just donk-shoving the flop.
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06-11-2024 , 01:52 PM
It was a $99 1R1A turbo tournament. We're past the rebuy/add-on period
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