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66 in Multiway Spot as Effective Stack 66 in Multiway Spot as Effective Stack

09-12-2023 , 05:51 PM
$150 Live Tournament:
These tournaments tend to have about 60 to 70 runners, with about 7-9 places paid. There are about 50 players left.

Blinds are 500/1K w/ 1K BB ante.
Hero is effective stack with 26BB in the CO with black 66.
UTG raises to 2.5BB. Hero calls. SB calls. BB calls.
Flop (11BB) As 6d 2h
SB x. BB x. UTG bets 3.5BB. Hero c. SB c. BB f.
Turn (21.5BB) As 6d 2h Qh
SB x. UTG x. Hero bets 7BB. SB c. UTG f.
River (35.5BB) As 6d 2h Qh 3h
SB bets effective all-in. Hero c. SB shows A9hh for nut flush.

Preflop: Yes, this hand is probably easily solved with "fold pre." These tables tend to be very passive with tons of limp calling, and I think this is one of the better hands to call/fold to 3b, which there is also not much of in these games (3b bluffs especially). I am more concerned about calling here with my stack size. What stack sizes and what positions can I consider flatting with 66, if not this one?

Flop: Very dry board that we expect UTG to always bet. I believe the call is ok, expecting to get it in on the turn. SB's call is surprising to me and I figure he really only has Ax here. Should I be raising this, knowing that UTG should have all the strongest Ax and will likely push me all-in here? I don't know what other hands would be in my 3b range on the flop, so chose to be more trappy. This is likely a large mistake.

Turn: SB and UTG both check. If UTG turned a set of QQ or had AA on the flop, they would have led again. I think open shoving my remaining 20BB into 21.5BB loses me a lot of value here, as I don't think UTG has an ace, and I think SB may fold an ace if he has the stronger range of UTG to act behind him. Is betting smaller here for value just terrible? I decided on the 1/3 pot play because I think I do get Ax and maybe some turned draws to call that otherwise wouldn't. My SPR is also trivial if I am called, and I figure that on the river, my all-in is trivial to the size of the pot and either UTG or SB will be obliged to call with any Ax or even better, 2 pair.

River: Because I created such a low SPR, I felt like folding assuming he always has a flush or straight would be a mistake too. All in all, I played this hand poorly and am open to any feedback.
66 in Multiway Spot as Effective Stack Quote
09-18-2023 , 05:41 PM
Play is fine on the flop, hard to get called by anything but Ax or a flush draw.

Turn bet is fine could argue for more on the sizing but with only 14BB left if no heart comes I'll jam river with that.

River you have to fold, 4 hearts on the board, what else is he repping, only beat a bluff.
66 in Multiway Spot as Effective Stack Quote
09-18-2023 , 06:26 PM
I think there are 3 hearts on the board ... and it is a backdoor draw getting there. Don't think I can find a fold there, as there is just too much 2 pair value we beat at that SPR, and throw in some rando Kh hands.
66 in Multiway Spot as Effective Stack Quote
09-18-2023 , 11:25 PM
3 hearts correct if it was 4 then easy fold, not in this case.

Been in this spot numerous times, basically unless you're on the next level of reading, pay it off and on to the next one.
66 in Multiway Spot as Effective Stack Quote