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Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

06-07-2018 , 07:32 PM
We coated my rolled roofing with some “elastometric” coating/sealant that adds about a dozen years to the roof's life. We are just finishing putting on the second coat (see first pic) and it really looks good and adheres well. My brother has used this stuff a lot and does many jobs coating roofs in the Southwest with this material. Has to be rolled on and the edges hand brushed but it is worth the time to do it right. Stuff is about $100 per 5-gallon bucket. I’m very happy with how it came out.


06-18-2018 , 07:49 PM
Owning a house is a pain and having your own well is nice but a pain also. Recently had to replace my solenoid switch that turns on/off the well pump for filling the pressure tank. Old one had worn contacts and was starting to short out. Made in USA it was so old. Replaced it with the same brand, Square D, made in Mexico. It was very well built so they have maintained their standards. Was just as well built as the one I replaced which I guess was at least 40 years old.

Putting on a new front door. Very nice Douglas fir door that I'm finishing myself. Will be a pain as the former builders muddled up the install some but that's normal around here with all the self built/do it yourself houses/repairs etc.

Then I go off to Southern California for a bit. And yes, it's a secret what I'll do down in that crazy land.
07-06-2018 , 11:40 AM
Wrapping up my visit to California and driving home soon. I helped an old friend get her place ready for sale. Did everything from re-grouting kitchen tile, to dismantling a gargantuan armoire, to packing stuff to send to Italy.

Now I head back to the land of milk and honey and reasonable temperatures and far less people.
07-13-2018 , 06:50 PM
I didn't do a before pic of my front door because it would have been too embarrassing but the after pic of my new door and trim (incense cedar, which I will leave natural) makes the house look so much better. My brother helped me with the installation. I finished the natural fir door myself with semi-gloss polyurethane. The door/jam only cost 1,000 bucks. And that's fairly cheap for such a nice well-made door.

The previous door was not just ugly - it was actually an interior door that was used for the exterior - my father wanted to replace it but never got around to it.

07-13-2018 , 08:12 PM
looks great but big step up to get in.
07-14-2018 , 10:20 AM
Helps keep people away. Actually, there is a step/platform that sets right on the cement slap by the door. Which is now installed; I took the photo without to get the full splendor of my new marvelous door.
07-14-2018 , 12:12 PM
problem is once you make something new the other stuff around it looks worse and you end up rebuilding the whole shebang. now get to work.
07-17-2018 , 02:12 PM
I'm going to paint my house blue. Sort of a sky blue.
07-17-2018 , 09:13 PM
buy one gallon first and paint that on . sky blue can come out really neat or scary.

dont pay attention to me as i like earth tones or no paint if cedar.
07-22-2018 , 01:16 PM
It's a dark sky blue. Pressured washed house and will let it sit for two days before applying the paint. I comes out the way it comes out. Taoist.

The peas from the garden are simply delicious. Gently steamed, and add a tad of butter. Nothing better.
07-22-2018 , 08:51 PM
two days is short after pressure washing in the humid climate. you want it dry or it will blister. if energetic prime it first. might as well make the job outlast you then to have to redo when you are 75
07-24-2018 , 07:33 PM
Should have mentioned I have metal siding on the house. Garage and back patio area are wood. We will do the house first then the garage and patio area.

Will post a pic after the second coat. Finished the first coat today on the house.
07-24-2018 , 07:44 PM
ugh metal siding. to paint it right you need to acid etch it first. i think even on vertical.
i didnt notice that from your pic of the fabulous door.
07-25-2018 , 07:29 PM
I have to live with the metal siding which is embossed/stamped in imitation wood grain, so it is only half-ugly. The structure is not worth the cost of major upgrading - I would just raze the whole thing and start over.
07-25-2018 , 07:40 PM
New door from the inside:

Second coat of blue paint on house and it looks like new, from the front:

Side view:

Landscaping is next project around home.
07-25-2018 , 08:38 PM
also need to re post your pic of the big salmon you caught.
07-25-2018 , 11:19 PM
Can't, the salmon died.
07-28-2018 , 10:51 PM
Finished up most of the painting, just doing some white trim work. Will paint the bunkhouse next which is a small job. So another major summer project is near competition.

Went to the Curry County Fair with my brother and that was fun. Small time county fairs are always enjoyable as the locals have their only big fling of the summer. The exhibits are great and the farm animals and kids are cute. And the music wasn't bad either. Good times.
07-29-2018 , 01:29 AM
i usually go to the county fair as well. mostly to go see the old people that have nothing better to do.
08-02-2018 , 05:49 PM
Finished up the week long job of painting the house and bunkhouse and all the other odds and ends and rearranging much about the outside of the house and patio. We timed it just perfect - today the wind is picking up again. Had a great week of little to no wind and good warm weather for the coast. Anyway, the bunkhouse looks brand new also (we installed a used door we had refinished, the old one is on the burn pile), along with the house:

Garden peas are done; had the last of them last night. Potatoes and onions and tomatoes are going strong. Still a few strawberries. Wild blackberries are everywhere and starting to ripen up well.
08-03-2018 , 06:39 PM
Originally Posted by Ray Zee Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail
i usually go to the county fair as well. mostly to go see the old people that have nothing better to do.
You were there Ray! I saw you; and you won a ribbon. See pic below:

08-09-2018 , 02:03 PM
There is a giant marshmallow farm near were I live. Photo below for proof. It is amazing what all the new-fangled technology and innovation can accomplish now days. You would need a very large bonfire to roast one of those beauties shown below.

08-09-2018 , 10:57 PM
hey that is cool too.
08-11-2018 , 03:49 PM
Garden peas are done had the last ones yesterday. Plants ripped out and tossed in compost area. I'm still getting some strawberries and still have a few blossoming. Great year for them because it has been cool. The tomatoes aren't doing very well (too cool) but I will get a few. Onions and potatoes and carrots are doing very well.

I think I'll just make a small green house to grow the tomatoes in; just too cool here and the night temperatures, especially on average, are too low and the warm season too short for tomatoes.
08-11-2018 , 09:43 PM
get some water walls for your tomatoes. leave them on all summer. that will help a lot. lets us plant almost a month earlier and they mature much sooner.