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Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

02-14-2018 , 05:14 AM
in got a cold for the first time in years. so laid up for 3 days and missed any good weather.
02-17-2018 , 05:23 PM
Good old normal winter weather on the coast: rain, wind, fog, gloom. Been lucky so far this year as rainfall as been below normal and many days of good weather. So different from last year!

Visited someone that has a wood shop/gallery on 101. Made a deal with the former owner on some wood and unfinished carvings (from my dad); he subsequently pass on so I had to settle up with the new guy. Long and short of it is that I received two gun stock blanks; one myrtle and one maple, both well seasoned for the previous "donations". They are beautiful blanks, on the short side but that is exactly what I wanted. They will work perfectly for the Hawken-style Mountain Man rifle that I've been wanting to build for years. I started one years ago but sold it unfinished when I return to college. Anyway, one more project for me to finished sometime in the future.
02-17-2018 , 05:55 PM
myrtle wood is really great. ive never heard of it for a gun stock but i love it for bowls and such. in garibaldi there is a myrtle wood gallery run by wood turners, old guys that has all sorts of it. they been threatening to close for years.
this coming week around weds. looks for a good improvement.
i got an accepted offer on my old house and will see if it goes through next month.
02-17-2018 , 06:00 PM
"old house", you mean the one not too far from where I live? Say it ain't so.
02-17-2018 , 08:14 PM
yes but replaced with a castle. still keeping the camo tree house overlooking your front door.
02-17-2018 , 08:20 PM
you should get out of the house. tonight at the cheese factory in langlois they have some music that you may like. starts at 8.
02-23-2018 , 08:15 PM
In two days I'll be on the island of Kauai, lounging about some resort and watching all the thunderstorm activity from some Tiki bar. May do some hiking and beach combing also, as long as it doesn't interfere with my drinking.
02-28-2018 , 04:40 PM
Did the hike to Hanakapiai falls yesterday (see link below). This is a difficult hike on a slippery and rocky trail but well worth it. Includes getting to a nice beach before hiking up the valley to the falls. Worth the trip to Kauai just to do this hike and see the Na Pali Coast area of this island. The scenery is so spectacular that pictures can't do the place justice.
02-28-2018 , 09:26 PM
cool spot ive never been to kauai. those waterfall hikes are great until you get burned out on them. i do at least. come home its raining and the south coast rivers are getting steelies.
03-04-2018 , 04:32 PM
The Kauai trip was great despite some cloudy weather and showers. It really is a spectacular place, but with a huge upsurge in tourism the place is becoming very crowded. Hard to get about on the few roads and traffic is really bad at times. Anyway, home to the mainland today and driving to my abode.

Booked flights and hotel for my NYC trip to met up with Mr. Cole, of Lounge Fame (March 15-20). I want to see the Big Apple at least once before I pass into oblivion.

In the mean time I plan on doing some gardening upkeep, working on the house and shop and getting in some fishing as weather allows.
03-10-2018 , 06:24 PM
Walk on the beach yesterday at sunset was great. Saw a pod of gray whales spouting off shore, about a mile out. Using binoculars they were easy to spot and see their backs when breaching and spouting. They are heading north to Alaska. Probably 5-6 whales judging by the multiple spouts I observed.

Saw a harbor seal bobbing in the surf near shore but that is very common.

At sunset I saw the "green flash", which actually seemed a greenish blue and lasted for just a split second but it was definitely there. I wasn't hallucinating. It was very clear out with no haze and the distance to horizon seemed immense. I could almost see to Japan.
03-10-2018 , 11:31 PM
ive seen the green flash a few times and its great. there are alot of the whales out there this year . thats good. lots up north of you.
03-15-2018 , 11:24 AM
In the sky today heading to the Big Apple. Land right at rush hour so got a limo to my hotel. Then I tear up the city with an old friend, so to speak.

Wonder if NYC will be more fun than London.
03-15-2018 , 11:26 AM
The parade on Saturday will be more fun than London on Guy Fawkes(sp?) day.
03-15-2018 , 12:11 PM
big parade for zeno in nyc. everyone is green with envy for him.

have fun zeno. say hello to john for me please. eat a bagel and a potato knish.
03-20-2018 , 09:33 PM
Missed getting the bagel and whatever a potato knish is, but still marvelous fun. Perhaps I'll move there. [trip report will be posted in the Lounge]

03-22-2018 , 11:00 PM
I'm getting my property surveyed. I'm helping the surveyor myself and we got half done before I went to NYC. Will finish the other half after I get back from a visit to Orange County, where I'm helping a friend get her place ready for sale.

I'm a busy man and can't abide slovenly details that are actually important. Anyway, the well to my house may be located on the county road easement. But the good news is that I have more property than I first imagined. And more trees, including some myrtles, that are worth money. And money is what makes the world go around. That and relentless geed. I'm getting better at both. NYC taught me that.
03-25-2018 , 12:05 AM
Here is the link to my NYC trip report in the lounge, if anyone is interested:

03-28-2018 , 06:12 PM
Weather is quite nice, if a bit windy.

Finally got my taxes done and mailed off. Extra work since I'm now a full-time resident in another state for the first time.

In a few days I head down to Orange County to help a friend with her townhouse; she is going to put it on the market soon (around May, I think) and I'm doing small fix it jobs and painting/plaster for her. Plus, I get to hang out with all the beautiful people and soak up the warmth and sunshine of Southern California. And all the traffic. What a mess that place is. But it is close to the ocean and I'm looking forward to getting away.

When I get back in early April it is garden time, and spring fishing time. Looking forward to it.
03-28-2018 , 08:30 PM
in a few days it will be early april so your going to come back as soon as you get there.
i know you are in a cloud from your recent trip but you need to get with the program my friend.
04-13-2018 , 12:37 PM
Getting home today from my trip to help a friend in Orange County. Stopped in Eureka, CA for the night, which is a great mid-size town with many historic buildings. Fun place to visit.

So now I have to get some work done and deal with family. Finish survey on property, finalize my will, plant garden, work on house and shop, etc and etc. I also have to put up with my brother, the preacher, who is visiting from Montana. Egads. Only good thing is that he is very good at fly fishing and loves to fish.
04-13-2018 , 07:00 PM
since he is a preacher he doesnt need to be included in the will as god will take care of him. but think of us heathens that will remember you kindly if you send some our way.
i know i would write and post nice things about you.
04-19-2018 , 07:24 PM
So we went (my brother and I) out on the lake to try for those huge trout and got skunked. Saw many of them, all jumping about, but they refused to bite. It was a beautiful day, slight overcast with little wind so perfect day for lake fishing and that made it all worthwhile. And there were only two other boats on the lake.

Then yesterday we went on the Rogue. Ray would know the places I bet - Jim Hunt, Orchard Bar and Lobster Bar (or creek). A smattering of bait fishermen at each place, some more than others. Poor fishing, the water temperature is very cold and with the cool spring (and below normal rainfall) the salmon and steelhead are few and very lethargic. Not much happening. Again we got skunked. Went mainly after steelhead, I had my salmon rod/outfit also and splashed that in a bit. So the Fly Guys didn't do very well but no one else was either. It was however a beautiful sunny day and the Rogue River is one wonderful place. So no, no time was wasted. It was all worth it.

Went to B&B and purchased plants and seeds and etc., for the garden. Still too cool to plant most things but hopefully it will finally start warming up soon. Pear tree is blooming, and the apple has leaves but no blooms yet. Strawberries are perking up some but it has been a cool spring. Need some warmth, god damn it.

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04-19-2018 , 08:42 PM
check to see if your pear needs a pollinizer buddy. some do some dont.
04-20-2018 , 01:08 PM
Fishing on the Rouge. Not me by the way.