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Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

08-31-2021 , 05:30 PM
09-14-2021 , 01:15 AM
I’m still alive; and annoying more people than ever.
09-14-2021 , 04:52 AM
good to c dat.
09-27-2021 , 07:01 PM
Still harvesting some strawberries and my greens are doing well. Got some good tomatoes also this year. Massive rain, much needed, will continue for another day at least. This will end most of the green tomatoes getting ripe so I’ll just pick them. Some will ripen in the house. Cooling down and less and less sun so the end of September is the end for most of my garden.
10-29-2021 , 04:01 PM
A few boats on the river. A few salmon also.
10-30-2021 , 01:21 PM
I’ll be celebrating Diwali this year.
10-30-2021 , 01:28 PM
pics or it didn't happen, preferably with salmon in tow