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You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge. You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge.
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You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge.

02-27-2019 , 09:23 PM
I've spent over a year of my life in Vegas. I'm good at the gambling. Even the -ev kind.

That sounds like a ton when I put it that way.

I wonder if you could break down what % of the 'Vegas flu' comes from which activities:
1) Plane
2) Staying up too late gambling,
3) Drinking
4) Strippers,
5) Sick people in the casino.

My guess is 1 would win but 3/4 would be real close behind.

How am I renewing myself each day, season, year? Am I striving to improve at the gym, at work, with friends, with women, with culture, with money? Progressing in these areas will make me happier, and more interesting to people. More vibrant. Richer doesn't hurt.

Trust is one of the keys, if not *the* key part of Life.

If you can’t get a girl to trust you, she is unlikely to sleep with you or date you. She has to trust that you: are not crazy, not violent, discrete, can keep her safe, do the things you promise you will do, meet her on time where you say so she doesn’t waste an evening getting dolled up and get bailed on, know what you’re doing in bed, don’t talk about her to other girls or call her a slut, don't steal from her or stalk her.

Friendships are often if not always built on trust. And many jobs too.

Every 10 years I feel like I've gotten better than the last 10 years. Looks-wise I know I have or at least that's the reaction I get.

I'm starting to think I spend too much time thinking about money. Should I spend more time spending the money? How much is enough? I certainly don't plan to blow it all so what will I do with it. What is the point? I'm comfortable so what's next?

I don't plan on having children. But as a guy we have decades to make that decision.

I wish I was better at poker. I've been playing off and on for 20 years but I'm not that good even if I can beat low stakes games. I wish I had gotten better at it in my 20s.

Girls are great, but they are also the rake. I feel like somebody famous said that before.
02-28-2019 , 06:52 PM
I've been seeing a girl off and on who used to model in NYC. Alissa. We came from the same area and went to school in the same county but didn't know each other. Evidently she used to be heavy, then lost a ton of weight and became the 'edgy, hot goth-y girl' in HS and started modeling. Then she got committed to an institution for not eating. Some crazy stories, but then got out and kept modeling for a while and traveled the world. That was a few years ago - most girls can't be fashion models past 21 - now she works in an office and got fake boobs, good ones. Still very pretty face, tall, nice legs, probably intimidates most men.

She is kinky as hell and doesn't expect me to be in a relationship with her. Just wants Netflix, take-out, and sex. Do I attract them or do they attract me first? I didn't think we hit it off at first, we went out to dinner which is always a mistake and it went...okay.

On the one hand I enjoy spending time with her occasionally, but it's also a bit soulless. She passes out almost instantly after she orgasms which is part of the reason we never go 'out'. She likes going to strip clubs though, no cameras a plus for her too.

Like none of the girls I meet seem interested in having kids, neither am I. I feel like btw the ages of 21-26 that I know wants kids. Of course, attitudes will change for many of them.

I have another date tonight with an equally tall, younger, pretty girl, even smarter that Alissa. Like graduating top of her class smart. Now that's a turn-on.
03-01-2019 , 09:43 PM
Girls are always afraid you're freaked out when they bleed a lot, and apologizing - do most guys not know women have periods monthly or something? Once a guys is past his early 20s it really shouldn't be a big deal.

After dinner last night we were taking to this guy at the bar and it turned out he was the original Michael Myers. Halloween, not Austin Powers that is.

Success doesn’t just mean money. Many artists are very successful and happy and not making it rain at the club. Graduate students/ researchers. People who work in design and architecture. It may take years to ‘get rich’ from those jobs.

But you can do anything and be successful at it – the gym, writing, investing your own money, traveling and seeing new cultures, volunteering.

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03-02-2019 , 06:33 PM
I've realized over the past 5-6 years that talking to girls is not magic. Anyone can do it.

Actually, it’s exactly like being a magician. The trick is that there is NO trick. The trick to getting rich is that there IS NO TRICK. The magician practices 8+ hours a day for many years until the hand is quicker than the eye if he wants to be world class. The rich man has worked, planned, saved, invested wisely and spent less than he [or she] could have.

Be confident. Have something to be confident about. Dress confidently. Act confident. Speak confidently. People will notice you and most likely in a positive fashion. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea…that’s fine.

You can’t fake confidence and sincerity….you really can’t unless you are a world-class Olivier. People notice the incongruence pretty quickly no matter what age/race/sex they are.

I now understand completely that you don't have to look like Chris Pine/Hemsworth for a really hot, fun girl to want to spend time with you.

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03-04-2019 , 07:27 PM
Inertia is such a powerful force. I'm comfortable. I have a good job at a good salary, I'm in a good spot dating-wise. I like my area. I'm reasonably healthy. I know I'm lucky in many regards.

But am I happy? Like many, I feel anxious part of the time. Some days its overwhelming. I try to stay off the hedonic treadmill but that's hard even though I'm getting better at it.

Is that even possible if you're smart and ambitious?

I wish I was in better shape. I wish I had more time to play board games with my friends. I wish I could drink and party like I used to. I wish I understood why people ghosted even if I wasn't particularly close with them. I mean I don't want to spend time/energy on people that don't want to be around me, but I would like to understand the thinking behind that.

I'll try a more PG photo.

03-05-2019 , 02:09 PM
Nice Pic!
03-05-2019 , 09:09 PM
Hilariously, my cleaning lady Maria seems to have ghosted me. She cleans [just cleans] 1x a month, I'm not messy just want someone else to do the bathrooms, kitchen, vacuum, etc. Hope ICE didn't get her.
03-08-2019 , 11:24 PM
Cleaning lady came back.

On a separate note, I feel like sometimes I get lonelier as I get older. Making connections gets harder. At least lasting ones. I can always find excuses to go out and meet people but hanging with real friends gets harder.

Watching Bojack Horseman probably doesn't help with that.

Some girl I've been hanging out with has started referring to us as 'dating.' I am totally unsure how to take this. Especially as we don't spend time with each other's social circle. Then you see one of your friends move in with his girlfriend. It's super confusing.
03-09-2019 , 09:42 PM
03-14-2019 , 04:24 PM
Met a girl for drinks last night, 20, tall, gym fit, actually better looking in person than photos, great body and the face is what improved the most in person which is always a pleasant surprise esp since she barely had makeup on. We hit it off pretty well, bounced to a couple of bars, at the last one these 4 guys came in and were checking her out - tight outfit with bare midriff - turns out one of them was a NBAer but a bench player.
2 of them came over and tried to steal her in a friendly manner, but she had no idea who he was and I barely did, he's hurt and doesn't play anyway like the 12th man. Hell, I might make more than this guy next year if he doesn't get a new contract.

Gonna see her again next week after midterms, she's definitely looking for a guy to party with [I don't mean coke].

This look but with good muscle tone:
03-15-2019 , 07:28 PM
Having sex with a girl twice in a row with only a short refactory break becomes progressively harder as you age. Stay in great shape kids, I barely made it over the finish line.

I am very very tempted to write a screenplay about dating in the modern world, at least it wouldn't be some fake-ass lame rom com. I know someone who is fairly successful at selling screenplays who could have his agent read it, and have a friend who would be a good co-author to bounce ideas off and help me write. Also, I'm a good writer as is he and I read a ton. Not that you can tell from this thread.

I'm not saying it would get made, or even sell - hardly! - but I should try it and see what mess falls out. Either it would be hilarious or a stupefyingly bad first effort. I think the worst would be a 'not bad, try another one.'
03-23-2019 , 08:29 PM
Most girls I meet these days are 'experience junkies.' Anything new they adore, and I don't mean just like new shoes, purse, etc, some girls don't care about any of that stuff. Most girls have never been to a casino and love the idea. Or bondage. Or a hockey game.

Met the girl from last week who'd rather spend time with me than a pro athlete...doesn't say much for him.

03-29-2019 , 05:26 PM
I wonder if Muslims/Mormons are onto something and having 4 different wives/GFs in open relationship is the way to go. Like, I legitimately wonder if people would be happier in a group relationship like that [only of their consent/choosing of course], seems like there might be less pressure on couples to be 'perfect' and 'on' all the time. When you're stuck with a single partner they/their energy can really drag you down and I don't mean just over a weekend but months or years.

At least everybody involved would have someone to hang out with and not be as lonely which is a pressing problem in America these days. Maybe future us will look back and think we were all insane to think being in one committed couple for the rest of your life was a great idea.
04-02-2019 , 05:43 PM
Have date tonight with a 28yr old blonde, later this week with a 22 tall redhead, 23 cafe au lait girl with great body, and 20y olive skinned foreigner this weekend.

I wonder if I like the thrill of the chase more than sex itself. And I love sex.

No idea if I can be happy and fulfilled being monogamous.
04-29-2019 , 07:47 PM
So the date with the blonde and the cafe au lait girl were both big successes, pun intended because they both had huge racks which isn't even my thing, not remotely but variety is the spice of life. Not sure I'm interested in seeing either of them again for various reasons, one of which is I'd simply rather spend more time with the redhead and olive skinned girls who are not only hotter but have better personalities overall.

Both girls were pretty submissive in bed though. It's gotten to the point where I think they're actively seeking me out in bars, or online to meet a guy who will dominate them. The first girl was the stereotypical 'has to be *on* all day at work' and just wants a guy to tell her what to do behind closed doors. I have a fwb like that who is like the chief ass't in her office and basically rules all the advanced-degree havers with an iron fist and gives them hell and when I go over for a booty-call is super submissive with me both in and out of the bedroom.

I think my natural dominance has really come to the fore more and more the past few years. And some chicks really dig any guy's IDGAF attitude -- i.e. you're not clingy at all.
05-19-2019 , 08:06 PM
The 20yr olive-skinned girl keeps msg me to meet up but we can't seem to find a good time mostly due to her. SC'd me again saying she wants to see me ASAP. I'm only continuing the ongoing dialogue because she's really good at the sex, and funny too. It's a bit annoying that she's not free 2 nights a week, I'm not free 2 nights and yet when I suggest meeting when we're free she doesn't respond or is busy that night or at "Mom's house." Presumably she's seeing other guys is a safe bet.
11-01-2019 , 05:33 PM
Picked up an Irish girl [Dublin] at a local bar in the midafternoon last month. Probably the easiest pickup of my life, one drink, hopped in my car back to my place and didn't even get to the bedroom. Fun. She definitely had a guy's approach to sex.

Had a date with a Catalan girl which went well, bounced to a couple of bars, heavy markeout session at the 2nd one and then on the street where I called her an Uber. However, after insisting I text her to go out again she went completely dark. Ah well.

I'm trying to think about money less and mostly succeeding.

"Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married, or own a house as if life was some kind of grocery list. But no one ever asks you if you are happy" - Heath Ledger

The former runway model I'm seeing is definitely not happy with her life right now for a variety of reasons, although she is almost always very sweet with me, and is completely feminine & submissive.

Like that with more of a booty.
11-15-2019 , 08:00 PM
Been meeting fewer new girls and going through the old rotation more this fall, just changing it up. An old flame very sexy, kinky, deeply submissive got engaged but still flirts and sends me private photos. She is stuck having vanilla sex with this guy now I actually feel bad for her. Once she's off the market legally I'm no longer interested in her. She tells me to this day I'm the best sex she's ever had, probably because of the dominance she required. Sometimes I think instead of ending our relationship I should have simply said I wasn't looking for anything serious, but she was young and had fallen in love with me and at the time I thought an ending was necessary so there'd be no confusion.

11-16-2019 , 08:27 PM
Hadn't seen the model in a while and we hung out for 5 hours mostly just talking until the end when we had some really amazing sex. She showed off for me in her new boots and lingerie and took some photos and then like her energy totally dropped so I got comfortable with nothing happening but then she rallied and we were passionately kissing with my thigh btw her legs and when I finally reached down there she was wetter than normal. She looked better than normal even after losing a few pounds, not that she needed to do so but her abs look amazing and perfect breasts bouncing up and down.
11-19-2019 , 06:53 PM
Model called and texted me today to chill out and bang tonight. feelsgood.jpg.

Gambling was going great a couple months ago now more up and down.

Got a text from a girl I hadn't heard from in 2 months, 24y azn girl, says she broke up with her bf and looking for a guy to snuggle now that it's cold, pretty funny she came right out with that line.
11-22-2019 , 06:40 PM
Something I've noticed: Being extremely self-confident works best on moderate to high self-esteem girls. You don’t need to ‘Game’ them. They know what their value is, and are going to be genuinely interested in finding out yours. If there’s a match, or yours is higher — you are golden. Your goal is to make a genuine emotional/intellectual connection, and of course a physical one if possible that nite. Some high-esteem girls are often ‘Yes’ girls because they know what they want and don’t care what anybody thinks.

Girls with low/no self-esteem do need to be gamed regardless of looks. They simply must have the push-pull, the takeaways, the amusing guy to get past their ***** shields. They put up a front because they have been hurt before, or got dumped, or feel like they can only make money as a stripper, model, dancer, Hooter’s, are unemployed. They truly feel that no ‘good guy’ would be interested. Their defense method is to go after the ‘bad boy’ that can at least make them feel good rn.
12-24-2019 , 02:59 PM
redhead girl looks like this but with darker eyes:

01-19-2020 , 03:40 PM
Had a good, long first date last month with a cute, petite 24y azn med student getting her MD/PhD, hella smart obviously. She was very into me and everything was going well but she seemed...clingy? Like she wanted my real phone number right away even though she said she'd only be free once a week at most btw studies/lab work, and then she told me where she lived and it's right near the model I'm seeing and another ex-gf...seemed like too much trouble tbh.

things would have gone really badly if I was out with one and ran into the other, big odds of blowing both plates up at once so just told her I was gonna get serious about someone else and wished her well. Sex and other fun with the submissive model is just too good to risk over a new girl that's not perfectly my type.